Bisexual people is the mainstream of society

Love is free. Whether bisexual, heterosexual.

We know there are many kinds of swimming freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle is not free, freestyle swimming also has its certain regularity. Just like love, we often say love is free, it's not. In heterosexual mainstream society, gay and bisexual ﹑ been discriminated against stigma and oppression even persecution. Today twenty-first century, is still "forced heterosexual" society, like asking someone what time you want to get married ﹑ ask a guy having sex with the girls feelings occur or ask a girl boyfriends did not like, all It is "forced heterosexism" behavior. Forced heterosexual, does not meet bisexual, heterosexual are under the impression they had been the mainstream of the society and the specification, They completely ignore does not recognize the society there are bisexual and gay. How to meet bisexual people?

We live in the beyond "traditional" and "modern" new ideas in the mainstream of the century, especially in the premise of "modern consciousness", we have to accept all things. Because of the so-called reality, regression body experience is to accept the fact that we have many kinds of love coexist. This century is the era of ourselves, of our society, our this other words a little also not wrong. Since acceptable heterosexual society, so I have to ask why heterosexual society cannot accept our bisexual. At least I don't know is bisexual think straight is weird populations, nor the persecution of heterosexual behaviour.

Bisexual people also have their own circle, but in circles actually bisexual heterosexual condition is often persecuted. I hope heterosexuals also can meet bisexual people. Gay, bisexual and heterosexual is people, then do not deliberately to divide those boring sexual orientation deviation.

Let's return to freedom, let love become free,just like regardless of race, color, nationality, regardless of gender.

Because, love is free.

Bisexual women

Previously, I am a reckless, silly, very strict, only like girl, estimation is my conservative personality, so for those feminine affectation casual debauchery girls, get sick, even as living environment, I still feel hate But as time went on, I began to surrender to life, Zhixing Zi character is not inclusive life, but also because the living environment, I am eager to be loved, I began to change my personality, I became quiet, well-behaved, not talkative, sometimes like a girl, like I did not like to buy some pink series of things, and the boys began to contact all like the same girls. Some people began to use some of the girl's words to describe praise me, he said I was cute, very Meng, which makes me flattered.

Particularly for exchanges boys, that was my past 14 years, again no contact, but soon I found I was not as exchanges and boys and girls are generally happy. It may be changes in the environment, but also changed the definition of who I am, and I began to enjoy discovering the advantages of others, even for the girls generally nasty bitch tea, lotus flowers with appreciation. Gradually I had before I do not like girls qualities, because I can understand, and to get along with the boys because before imagined too good but brings disappointment. I also found out that my eyes gradually tend to men, that is to say, I was able to attract men for most women have a good feeling, even wanted to touch, overwhelm them, and this time, I finally found my not normal.

I think I'm a bisexual people, but is more interested in the girls, because the girls are usually clean and fragrant, and the character is gentle and kind, nature is lovely, more in line with my longing for love. Perhaps because I am used to the girls this group for 14 years, and for boys sloppy, careless, do not care about the details, and so on will always be accidentally hurt disadvantage delicate girl, not able to accept, it is not accustomed to the boy. In fact, I feel as long as a girl, I think she has her own unique charm.

I really want to find the girl, fall in love really serious, in fact, I am not willing to admit that he is bisexual. Why did you love heterosexual homosexual bisexual it? I just do not hate boys and girls also like it. I think, if we are to escape bisexual secular vision and abandoned the people love it that she was not really love her. Love takes courage to face the gossip together.

Bisexual live a happy life

The bisexual both like men and does that mean they are polygamous, while enjoying the happiness of both sexes?Reality is not necessarily so, many bisexual awkward, often by "normal" discrimination and misunderstanding in the gay, heterosexual people are unwelcome, mostly only depressed to turn tail man.

In the mid-1970s, the United States, large-scale bisexual artists 'community' out of the closet "trend, advertising, pop lyrics is also filled bisexual meaning. These people will encounter real problems - announced that he is bisexual after an acquaintance of the same sex will be a new light, in a relationship, when more than a sexual concerns. While some claim that bisexuals "enjoy two worlds", but their situation is very embarrassing, and was rejected by homosexual and heterosexual groups, it has often been misunderstood. Many bisexual sexual orientation is not accepted their families, depression and even suicide.

Most people feel that bisexual people are "headstrong", love just casual play, it did not really put too much emotion. In fact, many bisexuals just like the feeling of both men and women, but not necessarily implemented, well aware that they can not recklessly in sexual behavior. Many bisexuals to partner very loyal, living a happy life.

How to meet bisexual? In recent years, bisexual by many as a kind of "fashion." More and more bisexual live a happy life. They meet bisexual people, through a variety of ways, such as bisexual dating site , bisexual group, you can have a circle of bisexual friends , bisexual party, bisexual dating and bisexual  sex.

Bisexual Dating

Dating or seeking the bisexual relationship online isn't different than dating an opposite sex. Everything remains the same. You have to be modest, honest, patient, funny.... know about what you are looking for in the person you are willing to date. Here are some advices for all bisexuals who are willing to date. 

 No.1 The first point is that you can not let he or she know everything you do is according to your dating skills. In other words dating technique is actually a "white lie", but it can not be seen to be a lie. During the dating the one uses skill are very tired. And in terms of love, the skill is not a respectful thing. However, sometimes in order to achieve their goals we need to take some methods. For example, a wordless eye-touch is enough to make the other side ecstasy and a kind of sweet voice will make the other side sprout love.

  No.2 Romance is human's nature and any ordinary individuals including the bisexual women want to be able to have a romantic relationship. So, if you want to pursue a favorite one, please do not forget the romance of the words, also do not forget to let her or him move for your romance as much as possible. Romance like roses which can not be refused. Imagine, when she faced 99 roses, and when her face beautiful candlelight dinner, when she saw the sky of fireworks for her bloom, such sorts of romantic things can not let her move?

  No.3 Man in this world is divided into two-lie and can't lie. Though many people say they hate the guy who lie to them and it's also up to what kind of lies. That is mean you must figure out clearly which kind of lie you can. For example, if you want to pursue someone and you confess everything in the past to her, then bad. Even though most people promise that he or she don't care about it, nine out of ten may feel unhappy for your past love story.


  No.4 Perseverance is the main point for love.I have seen such a story: a man crush on a woman, wrote her a letter, still no response after 99 letter, finally decided not to wait any longer, and married another woman. Later, one day he discovered that she had sent him back a letter, which says if the letter comes to 100 she would marry him....How pity the story is! If the man can persevere in writing to the woman then it would be a perfect ending. In fact, people easily tempted, but it is very difficult to insist.

   No.5 Expanding the other side of the values - providing value to each other, expand each other's values of love, life and so on. It is the basis for the concept of a happy man to maintain relationships. You always try to control and manipulate which certainly shows your personal insecurity.

   No.6 Please save your money. Perhaps you may be surprised at the sentence. But this is actually not surprising. As the above I mentioned chasing someone needs romance and it also needs money. Yes roses, candlelight dinner even a small film, you have to need to spend money ah! So, chasing people actually is a huge project, if you do not know how to save money, how to persevere it romantic?

Go and have fun with them.Even you don't get a date you can get a good time.If you are going to find a date on a online dating site then chose a right site is the first thing you should do. You should chose the right type, know about it's secure or not, how many members it have and the site functions useful or not. All these things you should do some research, go to some dating review site they can give you some tips. So if you are a bisexual and looking to find a date. Join us, we will help you find a perfect match and give you more dating advices. is the leading online dating site for bisexual singles, bi-curious, bisexual women , bisexual men and bisexual couples to meet bisexual . Finding an ideal partner, who can not only understand and trust you but also respect your sexual preferences, is extremely difficult. This site is designed for bisexual people to meet up friends, seeking partners at a friendly and comfortable enviroment. 

It's not just a dating site but also a safe and non-judgmental platform for bisexuals. You can chat and share your stoies here and meet some new friends. With thousands of registered members in our network, you can easily find your bisexual partners in your local area no matter where you are from. Don't waste time! Join us now.

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I became a real bisexual.

Originally, I also need a man

After graduating from college, I worked for three years.

Time flies, an instant later years, this decade, although some close contact with the men, but also limited to ordinary levels. Because the circle of people basically know I was GLASS. When those who want to get close to my man knew I was ten years of lesbian, look at them surprised expression, and even some people exhibit a nausea. These make me excited.

Yes, I always think so, my world would never have walked into any man!

Never imagined! My door to the world, being younger man quietly opened.

The boy is smaller than I was four, I was just recently signed an actor boyfriend. I once with the actor in bed passion, the boy suddenly called, and we inadvertently touched the phone button in the passion of the time. Like voice, like pornography, all reached by telephone in the boy's ear.

That night he found us, first to her girlfriend aside, I can not hear what they were saying. But we can see that the boy is very angry. But this boy looks really cute.

A few days later, the boy suddenly find me, we meet in my couch into a hotel, through breathing obviously knew the boy was drunk over.

Yes, at that moment, he looked at the boy's eyes, I kind of unprecedented fear.

That night, the boy raped me and said a lot of people difficult to have harsh words. I do not have an alarm. But suddenly entered another world.

And then after that, the boys find me to apologize, I express are not held accountable. Later we have done several times, for some time seems to have produced a dependence on him, I became a real bisexual.

Now, I'm still single one. Still living the kind of ho no purpose paper gold fans rotten life. I always bisexual dating site to find a friend to have a woman, a man should be. These sites meet bisexual people. I hurt, I'm happy, I do not regret their choice. Perhaps one day old seasoned sexual matters already dull time, and then decide themselves what kind of life! But what is certain is that I love my bisexual life.

Bisexual sex

Deep night, I wanted to bury themselves in bitter soft quilt, severely immersed in endless silence ...

He said that bisexual people are the most selfish, but I think is the saddest bisexual people. Sometimes not even figure out, their feelings home, what bias there. I was in the middle reaches of this group walked the confusion. I am willing to admit that he is bisexual, I appreciate all the good things in the world, whether it is heterosexual or homosexual.

When I first knew I was bisexual, I was very surprised, I was very young. I do not know how to describe it, but I know I is not the same with others. I want to meet bisexual and bisexual friends. In high school, I finally saw the people like me. I'm so excited! I could not believe that there are other people like me.

After entering the university.

Homoclinic a girl, she is thin, petite, more surprising is that her skin as smooth and soft white. There is a sense of impulse, I want to touch her body.

For a long time, the girl has to be very concerned. A year passed quickly, the end of the party, the girls in the show when, accidentally fell down, when I first rushed to, raised her, she looked at me very grateful, and I am also the first time so close around her, that meet the unspeakable.

Since then, we became friends, dining together, hang out together.

Finally in a weekend, leaving only the two of us each bedroom, I put forward with the bed, so that will be warm. She didn't oppose. Really surprising, her body skin more smooth like a baby, I can't help but to hug her, touch her, she had a surprise, then do no reflect, this all happened to shun li correctly.

Bisexual frends relationship with her until graduation, this time, we love each other, but also let me into the bisexual world.

Women are soft, two women's feelings, support each other, sometimes more than heterosexuals, have to pay more higher price. I am eager to become stronger, to protect each other soft fragile heart sinking. But the heart of the feminine made him feel dejected ......

Night, people are always vulnerable confusion, especially so late at night ......

To be continued......

Bisexual Myths w/ Tre Melvin

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I'm Bisexual

BISEXUAL.People don’t understand it. I got asked by my ex boyfriend ” well, now that you’re dating me you’re not into women anymore right?” It can get very frustrating at times. Some people don’t even believe that bisexuality is real!! I feel like I have to explain myself a lot. Another very tough thing about being bisexual is there are not many resources available.

meet bisexual women and men : Do you know bisexuality?-------one

meet bisexual women and men : Do you know bisexuality?-------one: Together with men or with women together, my masculinity and femininity are manifested in different ways,and I can not tell metogether to ...

What is the toughest thing about being bisexual?

Bisexual people don’t understand it. I got asked by my ex boyfriend " well, now that you’re dating me you’re not into women anymore right?" It can get very frustrating at times. Some people don’t even believe that bisexuality is real!! I feel like I have to explain myself a lot. Another very tough thing about being bisexual is there are not many resources available.

If you are a bisexual, don't fear

How to meet bisexual people? If you are a bisexual people,don't fear., it is for bisexual men and women only. Together with men or with women together, my masculinity and femininity are manifested in different ways, and I can not tell men together to make me more masculine, together with the woman makes me more feminine. Sometimes it is, but sometimes just the opposite. I only know that both love men and love women, I feel more complete. Therefore, you might try to jump on the bandwagon and go Fall in love with the same sex, and then fell in love with the opposite sex, but this does not represent you are or are not bisexual. Boldly say: Valentine's is a man or woman is not important, the important thing is love. Just really love, brave love it. Unnecessary to care about you in the end how? Perhaps in this era of extravagant talk about love, it is for a statement, called the heart desires it, this desire also did not include the mentally and physically it?

well come to meet bisexual people is the premier dating site for bisexual, bi-curious, lesbian and gay singles seeking romantic relationships and love. This is a friendly, safe & respectful space for the exchange of ideas, recipe swapping, heated discussions.

We are bisexual and don’t care what other say!!!

Wellcome to,it  is for bi man and womens only. If you are bisexual, if you have any problem with us.GET OVER IT!!! We are all human and it doesn’t matter what sex or gender we love!

meet bisexual women and men : Are you valid?

meet bisexual women and men : Are you valid?: If you're  bisexual  and you're in a relationship with  someone of the same gender, you are valid.  If you're  bisexua...

I was bisexual, I appreciate all beautiful things in the world, whether it’s the opposite sex, or gay.

Are you bisexual? Still looking for their own bisexual friend?The times which bisexuality was a thing to be ashamed of are long gone.Lover is a man or a woman is not important, the important thing is love. As long as is true love, brave love go down.Wellcome to,You can find a friend and lover like you.