Bisexual people is the mainstream of society

Love is free. Whether bisexual, heterosexual.

We know there are many kinds of swimming freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle is not free, freestyle swimming also has its certain regularity. Just like love, we often say love is free, it's not. In heterosexual mainstream society, gay and bisexual ﹑ been discriminated against stigma and oppression even persecution. Today twenty-first century, is still "forced heterosexual" society, like asking someone what time you want to get married ﹑ ask a guy having sex with the girls feelings occur or ask a girl boyfriends did not like, all It is "forced heterosexism" behavior. Forced heterosexual, does not meet bisexual, heterosexual are under the impression they had been the mainstream of the society and the specification, They completely ignore does not recognize the society there are bisexual and gay. How to meet bisexual people?

We live in the beyond "traditional" and "modern" new ideas in the mainstream of the century, especially in the premise of "modern consciousness", we have to accept all things. Because of the so-called reality, regression body experience is to accept the fact that we have many kinds of love coexist. This century is the era of ourselves, of our society, our this other words a little also not wrong. Since acceptable heterosexual society, so I have to ask why heterosexual society cannot accept our bisexual. At least I don't know is bisexual think straight is weird populations, nor the persecution of heterosexual behaviour.

Bisexual people also have their own circle, but in circles actually bisexual heterosexual condition is often persecuted. I hope heterosexuals also can meet bisexual people. Gay, bisexual and heterosexual is people, then do not deliberately to divide those boring sexual orientation deviation.

Let's return to freedom, let love become free,just like regardless of race, color, nationality, regardless of gender.

Because, love is free.