Bisexual live a happy life

The bisexual both like men and does that mean they are polygamous, while enjoying the happiness of both sexes?Reality is not necessarily so, many bisexual awkward, often by "normal" discrimination and misunderstanding in the gay, heterosexual people are unwelcome, mostly only depressed to turn tail man.

In the mid-1970s, the United States, large-scale bisexual artists 'community' out of the closet "trend, advertising, pop lyrics is also filled bisexual meaning. These people will encounter real problems - announced that he is bisexual after an acquaintance of the same sex will be a new light, in a relationship, when more than a sexual concerns. While some claim that bisexuals "enjoy two worlds", but their situation is very embarrassing, and was rejected by homosexual and heterosexual groups, it has often been misunderstood. Many bisexual sexual orientation is not accepted their families, depression and even suicide.

Most people feel that bisexual people are "headstrong", love just casual play, it did not really put too much emotion. In fact, many bisexuals just like the feeling of both men and women, but not necessarily implemented, well aware that they can not recklessly in sexual behavior. Many bisexuals to partner very loyal, living a happy life.

How to meet bisexual? In recent years, bisexual by many as a kind of "fashion." More and more bisexual live a happy life. They meet bisexual people, through a variety of ways, such as bisexual dating site , bisexual group, you can have a circle of bisexual friends , bisexual party, bisexual dating and bisexual  sex.