Bisexual women

Previously, I am a reckless, silly, very strict, only like girl, estimation is my conservative personality, so for those feminine affectation casual debauchery girls, get sick, even as living environment, I still feel hate But as time went on, I began to surrender to life, Zhixing Zi character is not inclusive life, but also because the living environment, I am eager to be loved, I began to change my personality, I became quiet, well-behaved, not talkative, sometimes like a girl, like I did not like to buy some pink series of things, and the boys began to contact all like the same girls. Some people began to use some of the girl's words to describe praise me, he said I was cute, very Meng, which makes me flattered.

Particularly for exchanges boys, that was my past 14 years, again no contact, but soon I found I was not as exchanges and boys and girls are generally happy. It may be changes in the environment, but also changed the definition of who I am, and I began to enjoy discovering the advantages of others, even for the girls generally nasty bitch tea, lotus flowers with appreciation. Gradually I had before I do not like girls qualities, because I can understand, and to get along with the boys because before imagined too good but brings disappointment. I also found out that my eyes gradually tend to men, that is to say, I was able to attract men for most women have a good feeling, even wanted to touch, overwhelm them, and this time, I finally found my not normal.

I think I'm a bisexual people, but is more interested in the girls, because the girls are usually clean and fragrant, and the character is gentle and kind, nature is lovely, more in line with my longing for love. Perhaps because I am used to the girls this group for 14 years, and for boys sloppy, careless, do not care about the details, and so on will always be accidentally hurt disadvantage delicate girl, not able to accept, it is not accustomed to the boy. In fact, I feel as long as a girl, I think she has her own unique charm.

I really want to find the girl, fall in love really serious, in fact, I am not willing to admit that he is bisexual. Why did you love heterosexual homosexual bisexual it? I just do not hate boys and girls also like it. I think, if we are to escape bisexual secular vision and abandoned the people love it that she was not really love her. Love takes courage to face the gossip together.