I became a real bisexual.

Originally, I also need a man

After graduating from college, I worked for three years.

Time flies, an instant later years, this decade, although some close contact with the men, but also limited to ordinary levels. Because the circle of people basically know I was GLASS. When those who want to get close to my man knew I was ten years of lesbian, look at them surprised expression, and even some people exhibit a nausea. These make me excited.

Yes, I always think so, my world would never have walked into any man!

Never imagined! My door to the world, being younger man quietly opened.

The boy is smaller than I was four, I was just recently signed an actor boyfriend. I once with the actor in bed passion, the boy suddenly called, and we inadvertently touched the phone button in the passion of the time. Like voice, like pornography, all reached by telephone in the boy's ear.

That night he found us, first to her girlfriend aside, I can not hear what they were saying. But we can see that the boy is very angry. But this boy looks really cute.

A few days later, the boy suddenly find me, we meet in my couch into a hotel, through breathing obviously knew the boy was drunk over.

Yes, at that moment, he looked at the boy's eyes, I kind of unprecedented fear.

That night, the boy raped me and said a lot of people difficult to have harsh words. I do not have an alarm. But suddenly entered another world.

And then after that, the boys find me to apologize, I express are not held accountable. Later we have done several times, for some time seems to have produced a dependence on him, I became a real bisexual.

Now, I'm still single one. Still living the kind of ho no purpose paper gold fans rotten life. I always bisexual dating site to find a friend to have a woman, a man should be. These sites meet bisexual people. I hurt, I'm happy, I do not regret their choice. Perhaps one day old seasoned sexual matters already dull time, and then decide themselves what kind of life! But what is certain is that I love my bisexual life.