A large proportion of bisexual

Due to bi for emotional needs, both can produce sexual impulse, but did not heterosexual and homosexual, therefore, bisexual sexual behavior exists plasticity, environment will affect their sexual behavior, their sexual objects with the change of the environment and change! Judging from sexual object makes little sense to their sexual orientation, the practical value is very small!

For heterosexual, if there is no crime of the western Christian culture mental state, for as long as the condition, the occasional same-sex relations, also is very normal! In encouraging gay social environment, therefore, many heterosexual will participate in same-sex activity. For homosexual, heterosexual relationships can not complete, but have to external factors, if the condition will also relationship with opposite sex! The less social acceptance of homosexuality, the higher the possibility of gay sex activities!

If only by sexual objects to divide, bi is not clear! Is it then, but it can be seen that the social attitude towards homosexuality, if heterosexual participate in same-sex activity, social acceptance of homosexuality, encouraging gay. On the contrary, so it is the truth! A bisexual people, therefore, is likely to be homosexual or heterosexual, under the environment of social repression of homosexuality. Bisexual mostly gay, there would be, as long as there is a homosexual behavior, is gay! In encouraging gay society, most of them are straight! Therefore, double sex, both bisexual people exist, there are also many gay to join!

Bisexual the number of the population is very big, but it is not easy to find, the reason is that their own there are variables. Under the social environment of suppression of homosexuality, because they also have emotional needs to the opposite sex, there is interest in sex, they will refuse to gay, pay attention to limit myself, this time, they become "straight"! In encouraging gay under the social background of the gay bisexual people need more than the opposite sex, naturally shy away from the opposite sex, this time, they are thought to be gay, although their itself is a bisexual men or bisexual women.

From the perspective of the social psychology is a personal thing, behavior belongs to the society! As a result, many experts don't pay responsibility, the social and psychological research is very shallow, and come up with writing papers, they tend to take shortcuts to through behavior survey, sexual orientation, or according to bisexual prominent part of the division, a biased towards gay bisexual, because of the interest in the opposite sex is not obvious, and is classed as a gay! A bias heterosexual, bisexual, are classified as heterosexual, bisexual did not exist even tone! The division is not correct, can only explain the difficulty of bisexual statistics is quite high. But the existence of bisexual is yes, and a large proportion.