Are u bisexual?

A person's "sex" includes three aspects, one is biological sex, by the gonads, sex, sex chromosomes, external and internal genital organs. The second level is given by the social gender, and the man himself from inner experience, feel oneself is a man or a woman. The third level is exactly like homosexual or heterosexual, or sexual orientation. "That are not physical characteristics are men, the man feel must be male."

In sexual orientation on the issue of the third level, most individual development into obvious sexual preferences to another sexual partner, namely heterosexual. But there are some people in men and women are sexually attracted preferences, known as bisexual, even fewer people mainly about their sex partner sexually attracted preferences, that is gay.

In different groups, bisexual people always exist in a certain proportion. But how bisexual people, has no clear instructions, only know the cause of both the innate and acquired factors.

From three aspects to analyze, "sex" on the first level biology through genetic gain, it is very stable, the chance of distortion is only about 1%, the second floor of the sexual and gender identity, given by the society and the third level of sexual orientation, increasing chances of its diverse change present relationship, and mainly decided by social factors. Regardless of whether the three levels overlap is consistent, is your own thing, should not judge is good or bad by others.

According to the survey found that even if the life once same-sex sexual contact is also included, about 80% of people are more or less a mutual love. That is to say, the vast majority of people will appear bisexual, but doesn't mean that I am bisexual, maybe just a moment to meet bisexual people.