Bisexual and gay homosexual behavior

Many people think that, as long as there is a homosexual sex, the person is necessarily gay people or bisexual people, this is wrong, environment create man, a lot of sex between bisexual, had same-sex sexual experience and behavior, the essence is not necessarily a gay people or bisexual people.

The most simple example, male prostitutes, because life problems or for money, spent a same-sex sexual behavior, but you know, many of them in essence is not gay. And gay in the army, prison, because of environmental factors, not the opposite sex, but still eager to mood, so what happens to same-sex sexual behavior, does not show the care is gay or bisexual. Others, because each other classmates comrades very deep friendship between friends, one party is essentially bisexual, one party may not, because of love because of love, because of each other's sincere dedication, may make this a not gay, for friendship moved and commitment for each other in same-sex sexual behavior.

For some who are in the process of growth, it may be because senior experience harassment and become a bisexual people, however, may not be its original nature, and because a strong role under the inducements of gay sex, also is not necessarily a bisexual on real significance. The reason is very simple.

Some people, because the other party to accept the same-sex sexual behavior, will understand each other as gay, it is very wrong, for example, would you like to go for a commitment for his oral sex, although not gay people, but because sex hunger or, or curious, anyway, he was willing to do such things, why not to accept? Therefore, thought that this kind of person is the same, is obviously wrong. Such as some gay men, bold to some men begin, initiative to offer him a blowjob or backyard, those who accept this behavior a lot of people, nature is not the true sense of gay people.

Some migrant workers, some special industries, some low level staff, their own comparative hungry, aren't that many complex ideological concept definition, therefore, it doesn't matter what behavior, so it is difficult to essentially so because of their behavior, define is gay and bisexual.

Some people, because the relationship between heterosexual marriage unhappy, or hurt, the resulting hostility to the opposite sex sentiment, turning to gay, these people, in nature could not truly bisexual people.

So don't easily agree with each other, with sex and jumping to conclusions, especially each other only accept your oral sex for him, but I do not want to do for you, you will pay special attention to, after all, now some people, also pretty open, try to same-sex sexual behavior, some people don't resist, only is open, because same-sex sexual life belong to don't need responsibility and moral constraint specification. Especially for some industry level, there are many more, in fact, the real gay people and bisexual people, are not so pay attention to sex, but would agree to accept the same emotional, similar to more friendly close feeling, love will be the same as any fantasy object, with the same feeling is more, he worshipped the gay body, can produce excited impulse excitement and imagination is gay.