Bisexual men and women

To bisexual, also called double sex, is an act of sexual orientation or refers to not only for single gender (including male and female) all can produce love mood, and the tendency of easily attracted by their bodies. It is one of the three major classification of sexual orientation, and straight and gay column. For both males and females do not produce sexual attraction is asexual to individuals. According to the national health and behavior research, 3.1% of American adults as bisexual, 2.5% for gay, bisexual women more than bisexual men, gay men than a lesbian. When they meet bisexual people, the vast majority of bisexual people will choose to combine with the opposite sex.

Bisexual visible in the history of human society, but also exists in other animals. While the word "bi" is produced in the 19th century. The word double sex first appeared in botany. Botany home this word to describe those both male and female reproductive organs of plants. But it is not clear when people use the word "bi" to human sexual orientation. Some bisexual people and sex research experts don't like the word, so they have developed some other words to describe, and then developed the word "bi". Bisexuality is regarded as the combination of gay and straight.

Bisexual Angle in formation is a psychological level, sex object or as a way different from ordinary people. Such as sexual activity does not point to the opposite sex, or did not adopt the mode of both the male and the female sex organs throughout achieve sexual satisfaction. In addition, the economic factors may play some role in bisexual, such as poor families cannot afford to marry boys, or due to avoid the potential factors of male responsibility, easy cause bisexual. Or some kind of social identity bisexual, can also lead to increased bisexual people; Now, bisexual has quite tolerant in some western countries, especially in some developed countries in Europe.

Bisexual men's and women's behaviors in the types of people there are gender differences. The bisexual men more homosexuality, with complete man finished after each rush thing. And at the same time of gay and heterosexual behaviour. Bisexual women favor and intimate girlfriend sexual activities, their emotional article and persistent. Them in a certain period of time only with homosexual or heterosexual sex only, rather than at the same time with two different sex partner. Bisexual men often due to can not find the right woman by the way, looking for a man to let go. Bisexual women are not, they need to establish relationship with sexual partners, sexual activity before germination.

Sexual orientation is produced by mental to physical love feeling and both sexual fantasy (starting from the psychological, the unity of body and mind). Bisexual is on the sexes, there is feeling, bisexual is any one who tore off pants, no matter what will satisfy people found.