Bisexual people are AIDS high-risk groups

I never buy the experience of the condom. To China last month, I accidentally found some 24 hour convenience store to get a condom is placed next to the counter of a small glass cabinets, of close, seem to be beneficial to customers and the cashier whispered, pointing and complete the transaction. However, after returning to Washington, dc, let me opinion that there has been a new glass cabinet.

America's biggest daily necessities and medicine supermarket chain in some stores owned by CVS, lock the condom into the glass cabinet, any customer want to buy condoms, all have to take the key clerk hello, then under the gaze of the clerk to complete. Caused outrage, not only is this embarrassed in the dehumanization of customer service, and condoms locked shops has distinct pertinence. According to the survey, the fact locked shops, are located in the area of black or latino family gathered, security is relatively poor.

Data show that AIDS is still 25 to 34 the first killer of black women in the United States, the proportion of black women infected 15 times that of white women, the percentage of Hispanic women infected is four times that of white women. For decades, gay and bisexual people are more high-risk groups, experts believe that already has nearly half of black gay and bisexual people infected with HIV/AIDS.

As for the teenagers in the United States, each year, three million STDS, seven hundred and fifty thousand pregnancies. A sexually active teens, if do not take contraceptive measures, the probability of pregnancy is ninety percent a year. In this way, these people meet bisexual people and gay, no good contraception, led to more and more people are infected with HIV/AIDS.

Let's imagine, what kind of people will steal the condom? Middle-class white collar is a steady income? Prominent public office? Or rich millionaire? Of course not. The "hand" to open a condom, it is to steal to eat the forbidden fruit in the middle school students, is a short run, even to do business. In other words, the CVS condoms to prevent theft, it is in American society, gay and bisexual people most in need of condoms, is to prevent HIV/AIDS and the primary focus of teenage pregnancy. The majority poor, lack of health education universal, they are precisely the received free condoms necessaries of the crowd.