Bisexual people both sexual orientation

Modern scientific research shows that sexual attraction general during the period of children (7-10) have appeared. The emergence of sexual orientation, does not need to have sex or relationships. Some people mistakenly believe that, if there is no tried, sexual orientation is impossible to judge. Sexual orientation is actually a kind of intuition, even if a person does not have any sexual experience, still can determine their own sexual orientation.

Judge sexuality, sexual desire and emotion both factors need to be. That is to say, can't just rely on a person's sexual behavior. Around some bisexual people, for example, in order to test the tendency of a person is gay, will go to seduce a man during sleep, sometimes also is for a person to provide sexual services in waking life. Is such a temptation, and can't judge a person's sexual orientation. Young men every day waking stage, erections more than 300 times, many people are unconscious. A lot of people just by mechanical friction, can erect even orgasm, so only judged by sex sexual orientation, is completely unreliable.

On the other hand, some people "like" is commonly used to describe my past experience. I often hear from bisexual people, said he had "like" the opposite sex. But love is a very vague concept, people with homosexual tendencies, can completely like the opposite sex, also can have a deep friendship, but if you do not have sexual attraction, it apparently has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

On social and sexual minorities, for double sexual orientation have a lot of misunderstanding and prejudice, there are different degrees of discrimination. Most reflected in these two extremes, some people believe that everyone is bisexual, others think that there is no bisexual men or bisexual women such a phenomenon, and, of course, these two views, are wrong. Before an idea, still because of the understanding of the definition of sexual orientation. Such as some people think that if both sexes, and sexual behavior, means that a person is double sex tendency, if according to this definition, the vast majority of people really, at least in certain circumstances to be able to do it. But does not mean this is bisexual people.

Denies the existence of double sexual orientation, and there is no scientific basis. These denied the existence of, in part because some people who claim to be bisexual people, is really is, in fact, gay not inclined to accept his own people, even some people with dual sexual orientation as an excuse to explain why oneself in a fixed heterosexual relationship even after marriage, also have same-sex relationships outside of the relationship.