Bisexual people is a really lovely group

The bisexual people, because of homosexual and heterosexual sexual interest, and very attractive, both gay and straight there are a lot of people like them, this gives them the flower heart provides a good opportunity! Personality has nothing to do with sexual orientation, bisexual, in which people can understand, is often found in a porn site, or they braved double sex, as a result, you bad impression of bisexual, whether bisexual men, or bisexual women, like all bisexual flower heart don't pay duty!

From sexual orientation perspective, gay, or straight, accounts for the absolute dominance, can appear don't care about social, lack of affection psychological phenomenon, this is another component caused by weak won't play a role. Bisexual people, if you don't flower heart, if there is no sexual awakening, if do not have double sex, they will be very concerned about society, full of affection, and they were not found, they will be widely respected by the society, to survive in society like a duck to water, their children are often able to health, especially close to the heterosexual bisexual or close to bisexual heterosexual, They love the family, love children, concerned about the social, rational to make them know the deal with social relations, not only so that they adapt very well in society, rational and do not break the education of love, make their children can get healthy growth! Why is that?

Human beings are social animals, cooperation is the key to human individual survival, gay elements are in the process of cooperation of strengthened) (population evolution, must be compared with other species, gay composition reflects the gay emotional needs, is the basis of the kind of cooperation! A person to do things, need psychological foundation, pure interest cooperation effect is not good. There are gay emotional needs, and gay cooperation, can bring the corresponding psychological satisfaction, a person with the family, in the process of care for loved ones, can be happy, a man weak affection, treat relatives from their own interests, often find it difficult to get happiness from the process of care about family satisfaction! Bisexual group there are a lot of affection and gay feelings, make them in the process of interpersonal care for family well mental encouragement, let them have an incentive to continue to do these things.

This point of view, and you may not accept! However, porn sites of bisexual and was found to be bisexual, how many? People share, how many? It is obvious that ratio is very low! Because they care about social, caring, responsible to family, so hard to find, even by some experts denied their existence.Overall, bisexual people is a really lovely group, the proportion of bisexual flower is not high, but it can seriously damage the bisexual image!