Bisexual people

Bisexual people is both emotionally and physically by both sexes attract people. Bisexual erotic is not fixed in a single gender on the object, so in between bisexual and lesbian, gay, straight, and there is no absolute boundary, preference, preference, behavior, emotional experience can be as reference. "Both gender, for example, like", "love is not sex" and "I like both of two kinds of gender temperament man", can all be bisexual identity conditions. Even if no objects interacted, a lot of people can also clearly know their preferences for specific gender or sexual love; Interacted in both men and women, some people think he is bisexual, also some people thought he was gay or straight.

In reality, the bi is a bit awkward status. Bisexuals are hard to think of themselves as sex to belong to the most. On the other hand, they are often considered heterosexual, especially when they have a mate. Most importantly, bisexual people vulnerable to serious misunderstandings. Around the bisexual there are a lot of rumors and stereotypes, some even contradict each other. Heterosexual and homosexual are likely to hold these stereotypes, which increased the bisexual into the difficulty of the two groups. Fortunately, in recent years, more and more bisexual accepted by everyone, whether bisexual men, or bisexual women, have become more and more free.

Some people feel that a partner can't fully meet people interested in both sexes, sooner or later they will desire sex with your partner dissimilar to themselves. People tend to think that, relative to the straight and gay people, bisexuals are more likely to cheat on their partners. In fact, many bisexual people has happy one-to-one relationship with their partner. In addition, about those who hope to get more partners, bisexual, they will talk about an open relationship with your partner, with some bisexual dating sites, bisexual these forms for other bisexual women and men, so that they can be very good the relationship between the treatment and their partners, and they can meet bisexual people.