Bisexual people

Why are some bisexual people tell others their sexual orientation? Because the share this information with others is very important to their mental health. In fact, bisexual people identity cognition process and psychological adjustment has a lot to do. Bisexual people to identity the affirmation, the better their mental health, and have better self-esteem. But for some bisexual people identity process of cognitive process is difficult, and others not. Usually this kind of people in the first aware of their sexual orientation is different from social norms of time often feel fear, exceptions, and loneliness, especially for in childhood and adolescence aware of their sexual orientation bisexual people, this is very common. And because of family and the living environment, they may be painful struggle among the prejudice and discrimination, children and adolescents particularly vulnerable to harmful traditional prejudice and damage. They also fear abandoned by family, friends, colleagues and religion, some bisexual men and women have to worry about others know their sexual orientation will lose their jobs or become unpopular in school. Unfortunately the bisexual people than heterosexuals are more vulnerable to physical attack.

The study found that the bisexual people the most positive attitude people usually know more than one, as a general rule, be a friend or colleague. So psychologists believe that the bisexual sexual prejudice is the result of repeated denial of crowd, rather than the actual experience. In addition, violence and discrimination against is very important, for other minorities as well. Some states include personal tendency for violent conduct in Hate Crime, there are 10 states enacted laws against sexual orientation discrimination. 

At the same time, tell the public about sexual orientation and the right knowledge of same-sex sexual orientation to effectively reduce discrimination against bisexual people have a lot of help. Correct information about same-sex sexual orientation for those who are in self lost, looking for self in adolescent sexual orientation of young people (either way sexual orientation, gay, straight, or bi) is particularly important. For some had contact with such information can make more people to become bisexual women or bisexual men worry, this is totally wrong, unnecessary. Same-sex sexual orientation of knowledge does not make a person become a bisexual women or bisexual men.