Britain's 70 - year - old woman dating 200 little meat Someone proposed to it Figure hot

British media reports, a 70 - year - old British woman super hot in the dating site(, and 200 small fresh dates, also once had a date with her people to their proposal. The 70 - year - old woman says she is very enjoy this life, and maybe one day will find the "love".

The UK's 70 - year - old woman, and have had two marriage is married with three has more than 40 year old daughter, but she doesn't like other people, but also know young men to join dating site( Ten years she has dated nearly 200 little fresh meat, she also said that this is a recipe for perpetual youth.

According to The UK (The Sun), The 71 - year - old retired woman Margaret Collins, she married in The age of 20, The next year born eldest daughter, then has been to take care of The children in The home, occasionally a part-time job. She has had two marriage, gave birth to three daughters, and she in 54, and the second husband after the divorce, had joined the singles club in 90, began to contact with other people; 58 years old, her first time to join the dating site(

After join the dating site(, Collins received invitations from the many young people, open up and tender man dating experience. Collins love sports daily, and such habit let her looks, people who do not like is 70 years old; And she was admitted and her date even had asked her to marry him. Collins said now enjoy such life very much.