Hillary Clinton "bisexual" behind the political darkness

Hillary will write a new autobiography, come clean about the political scandal with her insider or sex scandal. Besides revealing is bisexual women, in retaliation for the obamas "insult", Mrs Clinton will also disclose the Obama administration of dark political insider, the obamas little-known family scandal.

International online comments, the former US President Bill Clinton lady Hillary is on the network. That is, the President's wife represents power and bisexual people passes, and the obamas family scandal is a plate of perfect "kind of snacks should we have," but now all this is Hillary Clinton at a suit, not fire. With Hillary Clinton, bisexual, meet bisexual people "as keywords a little search on the Internet, it shows that there are a large number of relevant results.

In fact, Mrs Clinton is bisexual women are rumors have been circulating in American politics for years. Have revealed that more, Mrs Clinton who was she in the '60 s first secondary school wellborn female classmates. Even if your as first lady, Hillary Clinton has 1998 was found to continue with a close friend in California hotel near the White House and private chummage, two years after her for senator, even reported more than 10 people considered himself a scandal of its dual sexual love love a person, even smile said Clinton had "she woman more than I do!"

So why did Hillary Clinton early not late, just come out fact at this time? If say to name, but it's not a good "famous"; Want to say to the levites, it would be impossible, build reputation for Hillary Clinton for a small amount of money, and she is not short of money. Fame and fortune are ruled out, again reminded her husband, former President Bill Clinton for campaign finance people "Hillary Clinton will take part in the 2016 presidential election, said we this just suddenly enlightened, originally this is all for the" right ".

As you know, as democratic presidential candidate, Hillary rodham Clinton lost to Mr Obama in 2008. According to the survey, now Hillary Clinton has become America's most popular politician, even more than Mr Obama, Hillary Clinton was elected President in 2016 calls are rising step by step. That said Hillary Clinton will run for the presidency, Clinton's move can be understood as an operation in clearing the way, don't make any privacy scandal rival blasted her "lethal weapon".

Hillary, of course, is a shrewd politician, she realized that the  bisexual marriage legal in the United States, increasingly  bisexual community would be a huge source of voting, the explosive bisexual scandals are sure to win the lesbian, gay, bisexual people and transgendered people to support, to increase the chip. In addition, Clinton also disclosed "small three" thought will be completely taken away from her, Clinton if to 'victims' identities to win sympathy, the election is not very confident?

More importantly, Hillary Clinton will also be disclosed in the autobiography of the Obama family scandal and the White House sex scandal. Dark inside, sex scandal has been a weapon of attack enemies, meanwhile, Mr Obama is suffering from "the irs bewilders tea party", "the ministry of justice and the secret to check the ap" and "apprehension of benghazi case" and so on three big scandal test, if coupled with this fact, imagine the consequences. Just no matter what Mr Obama, its for Hillary Clinton is a free and no disadvantages.

Someone says, the powerful American never lack of political struggle. We don't know how many more political darkness was revealed in the autobiography, but at least we can see from Hillary Clinton "bisexual" event the essence of the us presidential election, the rich man's game, the political struggle for product, reveal the hypocrisy of American democracy. Perhaps political this things can't be too serious, in the United States such a money society, what kind of story is not surprising that politicians, we don't have to ignore.