How can we meet other bisexual people?

All think that bisexual is the most selfish on the edge of the crowd, they satisfied with the opposite sex at the same time, also meet between same-sex love. But I think that bi is the most sad people, sometimes even can't figure out, their own feelings of belonging, whether to there.

Bisexual people live in the most tired of the life circle,  not that they do not segment in disguise their inner world, they may find it is not his love, and it is their life, they may have been sneaking around, they may live in to escape life, they live in mei wear conscience, to be face with only a little bit of muscle tissue, but they lost more and more beautiful, life is short, apart from some wonderful memories, perhaps this person, never feel true happiness. Bisexual people all want to have their own bisexual circle, bisexual friends, whether bi women or men. So, How can we meet bisexual people?

I walked in bisexual group middle. Emotional object should not have gender, we are not lower animals, not for some of the original fertility motivation is restricting their emotional orientation. I more willing to admit that I am bisexual, I appreciate all beautiful things in the world, whether it's the opposite sex, or gay. In my spare time, I will go to some bisexual party, bisexual dating sites to meet bisexual people. Look at those men or women like me to flirt with each other, everything is so natural. Men are handsome, women are beautiful, we have the right to choose.