How do you judge your husband's bisexual or gay?

Bisexual men and gay is different! Because, they love the opposite sex, look from gay composition, ratio obviously low, this makes aesthetics, psychology, thought pattern, strength, sexual need, sexual interest, character and so on and gay have differences! Outsiders may not, as a wife, it is easy to distinguish.Personality has nothing to do with sexual orientation, if it is character problem, is not we can solve! That is to say, the judge here, only for the general population, not especially character or special nice man, it may not suitable for!

Because there is a love to the opposite sex, as well as very attract the opposite sex, bisexual and able to have sex, and sexual needs of the opposite sex. Therefore, as the wife is very easy to ecstasy to their own husbands, as long as her husband to give love and sex, the wife is very easy to meet! So the wife is not easy to find bisexual husband has a tendency to gay! If abnormal in life, such as home, such as a night out a pass, let his wife suspect was having an affair, whether a change of heart, also won't think of her husband like be a gay! On the contrary, gay don't love the opposite sex, sex life there are certain difficulties, so his wife is hard to meet, it's easy to doubt her husband love do not love themselves, and thinking, finally, to discover the secret of her husband! (compare, bisexual, think of a change of heart, gay, think of love)

Bisexual men, are more rational, to same-sex flesh is not gay so obsessed, is less value on same-sex love, love of heterosexual marriage has certain psychological, they will go to meet bisexual people, but they are looking for men will be very cautious, also know to eliminate trace, as far as possible, don't leave evidence, not so easily be derailed his wife found object is gay! And gay, on the other hand, the lack of rational and easy to follow, and often forget something, the wife can find her husband is gay, mostly gay!

Bisexual men are different from gay also have differences in aesthetics, gay don't like love degeneration (the queen), however, bisexual men like it very much, so, the bar those coquettish boys, also have business to do, their service objects, is a bisexual man! Therefore, if your husband's cheating men is the kind of boy, feminine flavour is obvious he is bisexual possibility is very big! Generally, the heavier the extent of the gay, like the more gay man! If he is a very manly man cheat, so, he must be gay.

From the above points, you still don't tell the words, you can pay attention to think about it, he have resistance to you! Bisexual people don't exist in turn! If it is a gay, seen in life, stay for a long time, can appear impatient, suddenly not ready to, there will be a panic, fear, avoidance, hate, disgust, etc! Due to exclude the effect of psychological, gay don't like too warm and affectionate. Because do not need to the opposite sex, comrade number and quality of life, it is hard to meet your needs, they often perfunctory, let you feel dissatisfaction, with the reward of sex, let you feel frustrated dignity! Emotional don't need, will make you think he is very cold, heartless, and so on! You carefully think about it, in these situations, the more the more obvious, the more likely it was gay.

Early bisexual defined as having homosexual and heterosexual sex partner, later, after the further study of psychology, defined as sexual interest in both sexes, later, with the deepening of the research on emotional needs and so on, is defined as both men and women love, for both sexes can produce sexual impulse! From the definition, bisexual after a period of time, they will ask for sex, but can not gay, gay sex usually need to ask for you!

In reality, some gay because driven by the interests of heterosexual marriage good returns, they will take the initiative to deceive the opposite sex, and don't want to divorce, even after his wife discovered in secret, they also don't want to give up, so, They weave is bisexual lies! Their so-called love the opposite sex, are nothing more than his wife as a tool to implement some interests, something is nothing but love his wife outside! At the same time, they will find excuses for yourself in the outside for happiness, let them give up gay, more difficult than death! Therefore, if you touch that the "false bisexual," character must be very poor!

Real bisexual, the longing for same-sex physical and emotional needs are much lower than gay, away from the gay community, is also not difficult, how much pain will not let them. That is to say, to stay away from gay, bisexual, those who commit it again she had been unfaithful "bisexual" husband, must be gay and of course it is possible that the character of extreme bisexual, otherwise, the wine Barry those coquettish boy will be starved to death!

Now, what do you think your husband is bisexual or gay? What type of bisexual?