I am a bisexual people

How to meet bisexual people, I am a bisexual, choose a man or a woman? This is a problem.

I know no matter gay or lesbian, hated bisexual people, think of bisexual people variables is too big, cannot control completely, but I really can't, can't control myself. I have a few relationship, and the two men have a stable relationship, but after that cheating, the relationship between two stable boyfriend all abandoned, abandoned because of empathy in other men for the first time, second time abandoned is completely out of boredom, because I fell in love with another woman. With a man together of the time I was very happy, but because of the character, now I'm with a woman.

First feelings because each other like me from the beginning, I thought you want to fall in love agreed (I admit, I am not pure motivation), but soon after, I was derailed fell in love with other man, I don't think it's so real, for the man is not responsible for, is separated. From him after I started my second feelings, is I take the initiative to chase that guy, because he is very handsome, feel very like him, he very the sunlight is a bit shy. Then I met this girl, she is also a bisexual women, had several section of the feelings of failure, and her two very decree by destiny, we both want to meet bisexual people,Our life has a lot of the intersection, and her relationship is becoming more and more close, and she together, I feel very special, very heart, because I always want to kiss her, want to hold her, want to be with her. So, I again cheat, abandoned before my boyfriend, together with her.

Bisexual than heterosexual or homosexual has a wider range of options, both men and women have the choice, but the trouble is doubled, choose a man or a woman, it is a problem.