I love bisexual

Have a kind of argument is that, bisexual has always been defined as not pure heterosexual is pure gay, but in fact it is most people's sexual orientation, is usually suppressed. Bisexual peopel interested in men, women are also interested in. This blunt interest likely is both emotional and sexual demands. 

There is a bisexual woman out of bisexual. "I and a woman have sex for about two years, it is really a wonderful experience, and experience who I have never felt so close with me, who love me so much. I used to think I always prefer to have sex with a woman, but now I found that I like and the man I love sex. If that relationship in both sexual relationships are really good... at present, I only have sex with a man, but if the opportunity to appear, I will again and women have sex." A purported heterosexual men feel about their worry, because he was at the time of intercourse with his wife, often can produce is colleagues or friends with gay sex fantasies, and he feels for his wife and his colleagues have good feelings.

With the development of modern society, the thought is also in constant progress, bisexual people although more and more accepted, but have to say, regardless of gender, bisexual if you want to go out and is still a very difficult thing. Only a fraction of bisexual will in friends and family to admit his bisexual sexual orientation, this should be a cultural bisexual fear of consequences, most bisexual people also can through some bisexual dating sites, bisexual group, meet thier favorite bisexual men or bisexual women. For both straight and gay groups are not easy to accept them, people tend to think of bisexual is chaotic, false, or just greedy.

The survey also revealed that come out of bisexual sex ratio imbalance, also identified as bisexual women had a 33% to come forward, compared to 12% of men. Sadly, the bisexual men stigmatized or derived from the scientific research, until 2005, the relevant research, the conclusion is there is no male bisexuality, cliches bias think it just hidden gay men, even with their date of woman also is such a view; Until 2011, there are some scientific research finally confirmed that the objective existence of male bisexual. Stigmatized make them difficult to stand up and stand up and also are not necessarily wise choice, no matter how to choose to face the severe challenge, so they are very difficult to make a decisive.