I was bisexual

Although I was a bisexual people, but for love always faithful. I am a man, I love women, women's gentle and beautiful love, are willing to use their big heart to give a woman a warm shelter. But, as a man, I also love the other man, I love the man is my brother, and the other half of my soul is life. As a famous American poet ginsburg's declaration. Ginsburg says he is serious about gay love of the noble is full of rose colour. And he said, we meet each other. Swear. He can have me. My thinking. My body and I know anything. I also can have him. He knows everything and his whole body. We need to devoted to each other.So, we see each other as their own wealth, can do anything want to do, a scholar or having sex.

Tolerance bisexual people, the object of love whether gay or straight, can yet be regarded as a kind of beauty. Love is a feeling, a feeling of say not clear but do exist: is abstract, touch less than, but mix sweet and pain at the same time, the contradiction between solemn and disrespect, a bang however move.

The world has a homosexual, heterosexual. Although their object orientation is different, but the longing for love are similar. It's like a different people like different kinds of beverage, some people love the flavour of coffee, some people like to quaint English tea with milk, but only love full of feelings of Hong Kong mandarin duck. Although the taste is different, but all is refreshing fine quality goods, how to choose just the difference of personal taste.

Bisexual the word brings negative feelings, often bisexual people suffered the disdain of society, society one even think they are worse than gay men. Because gay people can recognize their own direction, understand their own pursuit of what is, bisexual people, however, lost in the pursuit of the object itself, only based on the choice of likes and dislikes of a lover, and they often play between the sexes, and sometimes accept gay, and accept the opposite sex, thus make the person feels bisexual is unstable and dangerous love mode.

In addition, there are also people who believe that bisexuality is immature behavior, the occurrence of bisexual people because they failed to establish their own gender role, for their real orientation is still in groping stage. Actually bisexual is reasonable, can be accepted, whether the childish behavior, not in sexual orientation is made, but their attitude to love. Lovers if we can love each other with all my heart, treat each other as the ultimate heart. Beings concern CARES for, inconvenience, for each other. Respect and loyal to the true meaning of love, and to interpret a solemn and holy love, this is the love for, despite his sexual orientation is what, as long as can do the above principles, is also worthy of respect and acceptance.

On the other hand, if see love as a game, and love her more trial to explore novel is given priority to, no matter he is gay or straight, or bisexual people, cannot be accepted by people. So a relationship is reasonable, not in sexual orientation as the basis, but their attitude towards love is serious. So the bisexual is reasonable is just based on them to take what kind of view.