bi the way personals

I want to sexual orientation from the essence, do not want to even disgust and heterosexual sex is gay, but also don't dislike like gay accept even like heterosexual sex is bisexual. In fact, "biseuxal" is an all-encompassing, covers a wide range of sexual and emotional orientation words. Such as some people mainly attracted to a certain gender, but occasionally interested in another kind of sex. Some people feel is purely physical attract a certain gender, but you can fall in love with two kinds of gender and sex. Others have found that their preference change frequently. Also some people think that the so-called "bisexual people" itself has uncertainty, think that gender identity distribution in a certain area, rather than along the clearly defined the boundaries of men and women: fifty percent each attraction does exist, but it is not the only, it is especially suitable for bisexual people.

Indeed, bisexual is often thankless role, both sides is not accepted by heterosexual group at the same time, the gay community will also to a certain extent, will not be accepted. Making some widespread misunderstanding is not controversial, many men consider bisexual women enjoy having sex with people, or 3 p stripper, and bisexual men in sex, the feeling is very sick or refused to accept the Angle of bisexual men and male sex.

What is what! Don't need to hide, in the network also false to do a moral name for their own behavior, don't have to! Everyone has the right to choose their own life, but it is not necessary to do a moral in virtual network space of hypocrite. Love and the joy of the homosexual or heterosexual sex, just admit it bravely and don't own the happy little hidden outside big said their noble sentiment, actually everybody knows you secretly pleased turned into the room will do.

People often say bisexual people cannot stay loyal partner relationship, because we must always secretly to pursue something, sometimes gay or straight, and a single sexual partner didn't satisfy us. There are millions of people around the world married bisexual, but most of them have a good time. Most bisexual couples meeting good conditions, they will also meet other bisexual people, but they have negotiated well, so this does not affect their lives.

Bisexual, in short, this group also need more people to know, then accept them. We also need to let other homosexual and heterosexual. If you are bisexual, bold say it out.