In the 2016 election

For American politics, some people's general view is that the Republicans controlled congress, Democrats has obvious advantages of the White House. The republican wins in the mid-term elections last November proved this theory. Conservative voters in a reliable way to participate in the vote in the mid-term elections, which hides the liberal voters on election day.

In the 2016 election really critical moment, Hispanic, millennials, single women, African American voters will vote. Hillary Clinton - or any other presidential candidate, the democratic nomination, tick the need to do is the right choice, can with the help of a favorable demographic change.

It is the American left view of the world. It also marked the left poverty in terms of politics. No matter what liberals in smoking, is definitely not inspire new ideas of doping. The left their discussions, be the basis for the next 30 years the United States will become a majority of the population to a minority of countries. As fewer white voters, republicans want to win the presidency will become more and more difficult. This lack is a promote people support Democrats (not just refused to republican) strong reason. For now, the republicans can't offend minorities (especially the Hispanic), the benefit of the Democratic Party. However, the Democratic Party for the American middle class (no matter what ethnicity) to come up with any new ideas in the future.

In the absence of credible economic plan, the left has the potential to be a rainbow coalition. This is the danger of Hillary Clinton as a candidate. Republicans were possible, even likely, nominate one ground, offended, much of the American candidate could not win the election. Credible is the same, Mrs Clinton will attract enough women, hispanics, and other voters, to make sure her election a forbidding place. This theory is feasible. Unless she find positive energy for the middle class, otherwise it is the only way could work in practice.

So far to the left a sign of optimism is misleading. The left most of the energy comes from the victory on social issues. Over the past decade, the United States from a gay is relatively tolerant countries (at least compared to northern Europe and Canada), every shift for concept one of the most progressive countries in the world. Almost every month has a state to legalize gay marriage. This unusual story shows that if the public attitude touched a turning point, the bias is likely to be correct soon.

The legalization of marijuana. In November last year left completely losing a consolation prize, it is the state of Alaska, Oregon, and the district of Columbia referendum by myself with the legalization of marijuana. The Colorado and Washington has passed a similar bill. States such as California, Maine and Arizona in drafting a similar bill, ready to hold a referendum in 2016. According to the Pew Research, support the legalization of marijuana for the first time more than half of americans. With the era of Ronald Reagan attitude to the hippie disdain. However, this was more like addict election manifesto, rather than election trends.

Much of Hillary's campaign funds will come from Wall Street and silicon valley, their attitude in social issues or neutral or support. Their focus is to reduce taxation and regulation. Hillary's challenge will be how to the donor priorities and apolitical increasingly find a balance between young voters. A large proportion of the millennial generation of people like smoking marijuana. A lot of people are not white, even gay and bisexual people. But that doesn't mean they will naturally become democratic supporters. Unemployed young people want to work. There is a job wanted a raise. Most people will keep in mind that President Barack Obama presided over the eight years time of economic recession.