The conquest of bisexual

The Bisexual has conquered conquered psychology, will produce pleasure, but not everyone is obvious, sexual orientation directly affects the formation of the psychological, so that each individual personality orientation can achieve perfect state, sexual interest object is the simplest way to sexual orientation, divided into rough is inevitable!

Look from sex objects, heterosexual may meet bisexual people, even to attend bisexual activities. Heterosexual and bisexual, of course, they have different psychological! Typical characteristics, is gay as the opposite sex to complete sex life, so sex objects exist no organ in your country is not important, individual heterosexual know is gay sex object, it can bring them pleasure, such people desire is high, obviously they think conquer men conquer women than the more severe, can gain greater satisfaction! This is obvious sexual enjoyment, rather than love, so, I think they are not bisexual people. Some bisexual doesn't exist on gay relationship (love) need, they just by sexual needs.

Some bisexual love conquer other bisexual men or women, and some bisexual love was conquered by the other bisexual women or men. For bisexual people, gender may not be important, they are more like bisexual activity and party. So they will have more chance to meet bisexual people, at the same time can also meet them conquer or be conquered.

The real bisexual people must exist on gay emotional needs, also a lot larger than the heterosexual sexual interest! Because there is love, so, to conquer the feeling will be weaker than heterosexual! To members of the opposite sex bisexual, conquer desire more apparent, to gay, relatively weaker! Gay love the opposite sex, love only gay, therefore, their resistance is often need or is the embodiment of the love, because of love, just had sex. Heterosexual ingredients to play out less obvious to conquer psychological, so gay little same-sex desire to conquer! From conquering the psychological view, homosexuality and bisexuality exists obvious difference. When meet bisexual people, they are more like to conquer the gay, due to the conquest of gay, can bring more pleasure, So, they choose to do gay sex object, nature will not exclude sex organ, the existence of the sexual organs can better feel conquer!