The Netherlands: girl-girl kissing? OK! MSM kiss? NO!

Central news agency reported, the Netherlands is the world of gay people, bisexual people and other sexual orientation people one of the most friendly countries, also is the world first country to legalize same-sex marriage. Gallup companies in the United States has announced the world gay people, bisexual people livable level of international public opinion survey results, the Netherlands tops.

A latest survey also showed that 92% of Dutch people are of the opinion that there are gay people have the right to choose their own life. But the Dutch for the gay people and bisexual people seems to have a "gender bias".

The survey found that if men choose men kissing in public, 35% of respondents think wrong, girl-girl kissing, also a quarter of respondents thought is not very good. Appear more "elegant" lesbian couple kissing. At the same time, if heterosexual kissing in public, only 12% of respondents thought look not beautiful.

While 78% of respondents support gay marriage, 65% believe that same-sex couples have the right to adopt children, only 7% of respondents believe that if the teacher is gay people or bisexual people, will create problems for children education. The Dutch folk for gay life. The Dutch people plan for gay people to establish independent community, supermarket, tennis court, churches and other infrastructure.

Advocates the community called "the village" same-sex couples, Lesbians, Gays, bisexuals women, bisexual men and Transgender LGBT individuals are available. Life here has all the modern equipment, including supermarkets, the church school, fitness center, tennis courts, cooking, etc.

But opponents said the isolation method cannot fundamentally solve the problem of discrimination against gay couples. Opponents said the LGBT doesn't want to live in isolation type "cage", this proposal reminiscent of the jewish community during the second world war. Dutch a gay rights group, said, the head of the Netherlands should perfect laws and improve the social atmosphere through methods such as protect the rights of homosexuals, rather than take the way of the isolation.

In addition to the four countries, other countries homosexual couples "tolerance" also differ. The Nordic countries are almost gay couples "bliss", Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark have legalized gay marriage, and Iceland before female prime minister Johanna sigurdardottir with longtime married couples, let it become the world's first gay marriage heads of government. Catholic Italy seems a little harsh on homosexuality and bisexuality, but in recent years, also has a tendency to relax. On April 8, 2014, an Italian court acknowledged a pair of gay couples relationship, the first in the country. In the same year on August 29, Roman court decision also allow same-sex couples adopt children.