What is bi?

What is bi? Most people almost nothing for bisexual world. And it is because of this kind of don't understand, which leads to the break up of bisexual always has a lot of platitudes enquiry, this is different from AIDS phobia and social discrimination of gays, but a kind of pure curiosity and ignorance. Therefore, when watching these information about the bisexual specious, may be able to know more about this group.

Bisexual (BI), also called double sex to, is a kind of sexual orientation or behaviour, means not only for single gender (including male and female) all can produce love mood, and the tendency of easily attracted by their bodies. It is one of the three major classification of sexual orientation, and straight and gay column. According to the national health and behavior research, bisexual women more than bisexual men.

People may think that this is only a transitional phase, bi is a kind of unstable and swing on sexual orientation, think this is a train at destination, front fork. This is not the case, however, sexual orientation is not a oui ou non multiple choice, also is not an either-or choice. Bisexual people like a man, and like a woman, this is not a temporary.

People feel bisexual is happy, because they have a times more than the average person the opportunity to meet people you like. But that isn't the case, and bisexual people just spend time and effort to face social discrimination and doubt, spent most of their time.
As a symbol of bisexual groups bisexual proud flag was designed by Michael page. Upper bisexual flag represent gay red or pink stripe, the bottom is for heterosexual blue stripes, represent bisexual purple stripes in the middle.

Bisexual people more love 3 p? In fact, a lot of people would think so, but this kind of ridiculous ideas will make bisexual felt speechless. Yes, everyone like to have more choice and more exciting experience, but I like 3 p and threesome bisexual with heterosexual are no difference.

One would think bisexual people will be attracted by people around the world, because they love, no matter men and women. This is clearly the wrong view, if true, that this man is really very tired.
Someone is always persistent think bisexual doesn't really exist, they feel bisexual but some people do STH unconventional or unorthodox. But since ancient Greece, has been exist in bisexual.

Some people think bisexuality among sex will play the role of two opposite, so they are more chaos. But do you think they are Gemini? In fact, sex and sexual orientation are the two very different things, is not necessarily connected between them.