What is your sexual orientation?

Sexual orientation is inborn or the day after tomorrow? Is immutable or optional? Some people think that bi is a learning behavior, but there are also people who believe that if the bi is a kind of learning behavior, should by having the bisexual people learn heterosexual people sexual awakening, sexual stimulation and sex to change same-sex orientation, but this is in fact very difficult.

Scientists through the brain dissection of bisexual people, found that bisexual men's brain with the brains of heterosexual women have similarities, and differences with the brains of heterosexual men. Other findings include fingerprints bisexual men and heterosexual women are similar, such as a fetus fingerprints in 16 weeks. Which means that the bisexual may be determined by the genes.

Sexual orientation refers to a person on the emotional, romantic, and sex for men and women have what type of durable. In recent decades of research shows that the degree of sexual orientation is a progressive concepts in a row, like color of skin. Each person's sexual orientation in from "only interested in the opposite sex" to "with sexy only interested in" somewhere between "interested in straight and gay, are", namely the bisexual people. Both bisexual men and bisexual women, are interested in a man and a woman.

There is a lot of theory about sexual orientation to produce. Today most scientists agree that sexual orientation is likely to be the environment, cognitive and biological factors such as the comprehensive results. In a word, it is important to should recognise that sexual orientation is caused by many factors, and vary from person to person.

Sexual orientation is a complicated problem, affected by many factors. Psychoanalytic theory, has not solved the mother or father complex is an important factor decided to "sex" orientation. They envisaged: excessive intimacy of the mother, alienated or hostile to the boy to his father, will produce the fear of the heterosexual sex drive, prompting their sexual orientation isotropic.

Gay sex study theory argues that early childhood experiences and fantasies are not only, but by sex and masturbation were stronger, promoted the same-sex sexual orientation, and the genetics and failed to find the decisive orientation of genetic markers.

Researchers with questionnaire and interview survey the adult male, Brazil, Turkey and Thailand, Hong Kong and a total of 878 objects, among 177 people are gay people, 157 people are bisexual people, 544 people are heterosexual people. In general, gay men in childhood is not interested in the sport, more play with girls, less aggressive personality. And bisexual people childhood is with boys and girls like to play with.

Bisexual people, can be obtained from both sexes in any sexual and emotional satisfaction. Real bisexual people, do not have to happen in life and at the same time both sexes sex, with the vast majority of double sexual orientation, in any stage of life, is can establish stable one-to-one relationship with straight or gay.

In the past on sexual orientation decided to have a lot of different views. For example, in one case, a person when only when they were gay sex, is considered to be lesbian or bisexual; But sometimes a person may occasionally to same-sex sexual behavior, but on the orientation is still considered heterosexual.

It is generally believed that sexual orientation from the perspective of a large, do not have quantity, so for the respective attract degree, is no longer seen as one of the judgment standard of double sexual orientation.