Are u bisexual?

Are u  bisexual? Many people are attracted to, and doubt whether this means that they are bisexual. For many, the feeling is very strong and they alienate people. There are some people who were attracted to was a bisexual people, or gay people, and have further bisexual relationship. But other people with this kind of feeling, found that those with time change. Some bisexual men and women, for men and women are fascinated and relationship with both. Some people are interested in who all dare not. Usually, only time can solve these problems.

When people know that he was gay? Because everyone's situation is different, so can't answer this question in a simple answer. Decide you are bisexual is usually a gradual process. It may not be you can give life a name is the beginning. Moreover, it will make you feel very confused. Finally all are gay people realize that not only they are attracted to gay sex appeal, but this will not change. This understanding may at any time in their lives. Some people may be their sexual orientation is confidential, and others, decided to come out.

Now a growing and widely support the idea that sex is natural and can change over time, or remain the same. However, many people are interested in, whether gender can be changed by man's desire to make a choice. There are many generally meet bisexual people's organization.