Awkward bisexual

The bisexual people like the opposite sex already, also can accept gay, can at the same time, a steady relationship with homosexual and heterosexual retention, and access to sexual gratification. They have no gender consciousness on sexual orientation, and only pleasure demand, instead of gender to determinant desire or sex. Bisexual people are usually a good relationship with the spouse, sexual life is harmonious, they cherish their marriage, and not give up with same-sex sexual contact. Bisexual men and women with homosexual and heterosexual sex, the pleasure can be satisfied. Some people even think that they can gain than single bisexual more emotion experience.

Wife compared commonly can tolerate her husband have a boyfriend, can't stand he has a girlfriend, so if husband and boyfriend tend not to interfere. For bisexual men, once was found, went to see his wife's tolerance. Her husband often don't want to divorce, family is the foundation of life, after all. If the wife can trust him to change his own vow, he can break up temporarily and sexual partners, in order to maintain the marriage, but after the wind and rain have opportunity will still be looking for.

Bisexual people not have now, and there is no shortage of modern society in the history of man, many of them has a far-reaching influence on human society contribution. Bisexual people most will be forced to marry the opposite sex, but the situation has changed throughout the world. More and more people can meet bisexual peopleOpen modern social tolerance is not the existence of same-sex status, and the idea of respect for human rights, must also can give bisexual people more lifestyle choices, to avoid the embarrassment of their lives and the innocent.