Bi is a complex problem of human society

In about what factors determine a person's sexual orientation a great deal of controversy on the issue of (especially the controversy about environmental and genetic) : sexual orientation is innate or acquired, it is immutable or optional. Some people think that bi is a learning behavior. But there are also people who believe that if bi is a kind of learning behavior, should be able to learn by let bisexual people heterosexual sexual awakening, sexual stimulation and to change gay sex, but the fact is very difficult. They claim that there must be a kind of innate factors make most of the people of the opposite sex sexual desire. These factors are also reflected in bisexual people body, just bisexual is one of the typical example.

Some religious groups believe that bi is a choice, and provide conversion therapy for bisexual people to change their sexual orientation, but these treatments to be criticized by the medical profession and the scientific community, because they bring the depressive feeling of healer can sometimes lead to suicide, or inferiority complex. The spirit of learning society of America in 1997, has passed a resolution, the doctor said that kind of treatment will be considered a lack of professional ethics.

Bi is a complicated social phenomenon. Many people do not know the secret of the world, which leads to the misunderstanding and even hate is very normal. Bisexual psychology has its naturalness, this has been a growing number of psychologists. People often think of bisexual as a mental illness, sexual perversion and sexual perversion, actually their mind is totally normal. Bisexual relationship is a close to normal as far as heterosexual emotional effort.

Today, heterosexual, gay and bisexual, is considered to be exist "sexual orientation" at the same time, the role of the phenomenon of the wrong does not exist. However, bisexual, after all, is to belong to a handful of sexual orientation, the contrast with the traditional social form sex object. When the law and society about customs reflect the majority or ruler of will and intent, discrimination and persecution of bisexual people become inevitable. So, want to eliminate the discrimination against bisexual people, mainly by universal education, which should have emotional care, also should have a rational judgment.

Anyhow, bisexual is a complex problem of human social dispute is caused with the opening of the society. From a single individual rights, or social ethics, or psychology, or laws of nature cannot be accurately defined bisexual behavior. This dispute will exist for a long time, we do the conclusion is only a stage right. Actually have a mainstream conservative traits, and it is this conservative ways to protect the smooth development of the society, eliminate the impetuous and bad phenomenon in the process of human development. The existence of certain things has its inevitability, while we were still unable to determine either/or situation, cautious attitude and mutual respect is the right.