Bi love

This is a "straight" era of bullying. "Straight" -- one for each person or a particular person is "straight" hypothesis.

Everyone in the "bisexual" depressive state, the stress from self first. People may be completely gay aroused, but with a person is "bisexual" has nothing to do. Most people show at least to some extent, is "bisexual people", many people will be attracted by double sex, although often they tend to only a certain gender. Only a few people are gay or straight. Most people are bisexual men and women. When a person's personality charm to attract you love it, sex is the first factor. In many countries, bisexual, not as a moral issue is taboo, but it has been suppressed in the "straight", and "forced" bisexual people will be regarded as "natural" behaviors of unethical behavior punishment itself, to seek spiritual liberation.

Until now, the study also failed to make biology developed any sexual orientation theory, biology research results about the cause of bisexual still cannot establish any conclusions, in other words, the biological factors does not "cause" "bi". Therefore, many scholars will be the development of the "bisexual" emphatically summarized as affected by social and psychological factors.

"Bi" and "straight" only people to choose, sexual orientation is not fixed, can show different in different periods of sexual orientation. People are not necessarily all his life to keep the same sexual orientation. Some people have a long time is "bisexual people"; Also there are those who have a mate, but later and same-sex partners to fall in love. These changes are not can "choice" things, like a person can't force yourself in love with a particular person. "Bisexual men and women" is like "heterosexual men and women", two people will fall in love, and then continued, care for each other, caring and responsible.

Media from a celebrity's gender role stereotypes, self-expression desire to be classified as bisexual people, reflected a kind of public opinion discrimination against bisexual people. On the other hand also means they don't understand the bisexual. They think the bisexual people physiology is not sound, or sex a mess; There is also a legend will be "infected" bisexual, for example, children will be affected by school teacher and become bisexual people. All of these widespread claims are very ignorant. Because, only from a person's external behavior cannot be speculated that their sexual orientation. Media, therefore, why will some stars to the fringes of "bi"? This is their subconscious to as a "minority" people of discrimination.

We should learn to tolerate, forgive someone who has hurt us is obscured the mind the "superior" people namely heterosexual sex, they are innocent victims. Let us heal them, tell them the true meaning of love by action. Our love doesn't hurt to you, please you stop hurting us, let bisexual people love in the sun shine together.