Bisexual friends and bisexual group

Men love women, women love men, this understandable. But, are we a group of people, more than in love with a man, is in love with a woman, a lot of people think it is a mental illness or abnormal condition, a lot of people think it is counterintuitive and so on. This identity makes me become a member of the bisexual group, also experience the growth course of bisexual people.

A person should be early in cognition of their gender, gender of the original ego identity begins with physiological characteristic and environment for your recognition, men and women is also very easy to understand, clear after he is male or female gender consciousness also ingrained over its lifetime. But not a person's sexual orientation, gender, it is not like not so clear, there are a lot of bisexual people are after puberty can realize themselves bisexual orientation, and some people even after getting married only to find that he is a bisexual people. Personally think that sex consciousness, eventually formed signs is not gender identity, but understand that their sexual orientation.

Most bisexual people except on sexual orientation is different, the other is the same, that is because of sexual orientation is different, to differentiate the bisexual group. Bisexual, this invisible mysterious groups, though more and more attention, but ordinary people is hard to understand the details, so their understanding of this group is largely on the basis of do not understand the speculation, this also leads to a lot of people misunderstanding of bisexual, even bisexual people suffer discrimination to the people in the society.

I think a lot of bisexual people have inner fluke, all have a fantasy, hope that the appearance of their sexual orientation is short, even tried to change yourself. A tragic but eventually found that this is the fact that can't change, can only accept yourself, face yourself. Sexual orientation is born, to follow his life, you will appear in childhood sexual orientation, growing up with you, don't have much relationship with living environment. , of course, does not rule out a handful of bisexual people's living environment factors, they are other bisexual infection, like some bi dating sites, this is a lot of bisexual do every day, and they want to meet bisexual friends, exaggerate their circle of friends. For the bisexual group, they want to be able to be more and more people understand, rather than a misunderstanding.

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