Bisexual group

Refers to the masculine and feminine temperament and aesthetic. Speaking of bisexual temperament, you have to mention a worldwide is still vulnerable, bisexual group. This is a most people are of the opinion is still sensitive words. But I think if every one of us always keep silent, that we will always fight for the rights and interests of less than we deserve. From what we found was a bisexual people, our sexual orientation is different from ordinary people have the moment, we have a certain panic, despair, finally can only choose silently accepted. However, after accepting someone chose to muddle along, someone chose to let life slip past them. Some people choose to struggle, be strong. After all the world is still strong, said the count, there is a power, just have right to be heard, is the basic of vulnerable groups live. But no matter how much everyone's choice, I have to say, as a bisexual people, you have to believe that you are good, you have good genes, you have to do is not for you all day long, unlike others, other people's discrimination, self-pity, trashing yourself. But to fully tap the god give you superior to others' bisexual temperament, good yourself. If our group most of people can in this way, and who will go to discriminate against us the bisexual men and women?

Bisexual are excellent because bisexual people of both sexes temperament is the most groups, then their rational temperament will be male and female perceptual temperament. Rational temperament is in charge of logical thinking, emotional temperament, head of thinking in images. Since a person have the advantage on logic, and have the advantage on the image thinking, so, he must be better than those who are weak and aesthetic, that is we say women or men. Women perceptual, no strong rationality as a framework, that she was destined to only the softness and tenderness. Even if she has a strong side, probably because there is no rational support, and to the extreme. Rational men, no perceptual thinking as ease and correct, that he must enter the abstract logic, cannot extricate oneself in the endless conquering.

Bisexual people is such a group, is also the most potential to become such a person, only to discover their own advantages, will be in a distinctive and unique image in the world, won the admiration and respect of others, so that you can meet other bisexual people.

Now that we have reason to believe that bisexual people is good, then straight waist, raise us that had low head, trying to walk yourself's road, daring to meet bisexual people. Gay people often embarrassed when to go to the bathroom, even timidly. But, we, in turn, think, this is our fault? Of course not! When system is wrong, wrong culture. Because social thought too backward, and the rights and interests of us badly, even go to the toilet and heterosexual world. Why should we be afraid of? If one day, we have specially for us to set up the toilet, when straight into, we have to tell their sexual harassment! Bisexual men and women since the birth of human is suppressed by heterosexual culture, a dark life and a long night, until today, still not get their due rights and interests. For the whole bi group, we are a long way to go. And for individual, must firmly believe that their own good, believe that their own unique, with their own efforts and confidence to prove himself. So, in the form of a poor overall, we can fight our way out, beckoning, manage your own life.