Bisexual identity can't decide what kind of people we are

Bisexual identity can't decide what kind of people we are, it's just part of our identity, help us to shape his own personality. Human behavior is protean, its difficult to resort to language form of diversity. Whether to discuss sexual orientation, race, religion or personality, the diversity of human expression can guarantee the uniqueness of each individual. When we talk about sex diversity (sexual orientation, thoughts, feelings and emotions), and discussing how to express their sexual identity. Some men will appear more feminine than others, and the other men think take (typical) masculine behavior will let oneself psychologically more comfortable. Gender map covers many gender-related behavior from extreme to extreme masculine feminine behavior (behavior), but the behavior is not decided to become a man or a woman we must follow a certain pattern. They are just as part of a special individual existence, we can't determine whether we can meet bisexual people, cannot determine how we should fall in love with person.

The causes of the formation of bisexual people really hard to understand. Scientists conducted experiments in an attempt to look for the answer. The current evidence that sexual orientation had decided early embryo in the womb. This could be the result of a gene, also may be caused by some accidental factors. In a more scientific explanation clearly before, many people will continue to believe that sexual orientation is the result of the combination of genetic and early childhood influence. But we already know, many other human natural inclination (as do gifts or special talents).

Some bisexual men and women as early as the age of three, to realize that their difference. This is a kind of instinct, but we also receive signals from around the world. We will find that their attitude with their peers or sensitivity is different. This different to the maturation period is increasingly obvious, because at that time we began to develop its own physical and psychological charm. But some people feel fear, so trying to resist or deny their ideas or physiological impulse, even if these impulses again confirmed our opinion of himself. When others treat their identity, then there will be a gradual cognitive process.

For some bisexual people, those who are in adolescence is aware of their attractive people, will face a longer sexual orientation questioned. They may think these feelings is adolescence hormone at work, and hope that this is only a brief period is coming to an end. Others may feel weird or abnormal, and worry that they will be punished for misconduct. "Questions" is a normal process, it provides us with the opportunity to look to their own true feelings.