Bisexual men and women

Sexual orientation is often divided into three types: tended to homosexual and heterosexual sex and bisexual sexual orientation. If a person is bisexual people though not entirely on their sexual orientation, but sexual orientation is decided whether a man is the core element of the bisexual people, is to determine whether a person is biological and psychological foundation of bisexual people.

The study found that male sexual orientation with relative stability, bisexual men's sex drive is always easier to be gay or gay sex, stimulus evoke heterosexual sexual arousal is originated from the opposite sex or heterosexual sex activity. And same-sex sexual behavior between stimulus and the opposite sex sexual stimulation of bisexual people and straight people caused by sexual impulse strength is basically the same, and bisexual men to the opposite sex sexual stimulation, male heterosexual people in same-sex sexual behavior to stimulate sexual excitement. But female sexual arousal object is different, with men in bisexual women, women's attractiveness slightly but not obvious. For heterosexual women, whether gay or straight almost all can cause the same intense sexual impulses. From the perspective of the pure sexual attraction heterosexual women almost all have a obvious tendency of "bi", but this tendency with their sexual partner selection in actual life orientation.

Although sexual orientation is to determine whether a person is the biological basis of bisexual people, but a person's identity and their sexual orientation and must be completely consistent. Some apparent same-sex sexual orientation in the experiment may never same-sex sexual experience, also deny their same-sex sexual orientation, this kind of situation in a lot of investigation about sexual orientation are widespread. Whatever I biological sexual orientation, after all, people will be influenced by various social factors. There is no denying that in the current social conditions, whether bisexual people, or straight people, homosexual tendency of people no matter how, there is a kind of intentionally or unintentionally to suppress the sexual orientation of psychology, although they may occasionally, or for a specified period of gay sex often occur. But there are also such a situation, identity does not agree with actual tendency often does not affect their choice of life and self harmony. No identity usually will form a long-term, stable same-sex sexual relationships.

Through the above discussion, although same-sex sexual orientation is the biological basis of bisexual people, but is not the only determinant, same-sex sexual behavior patterns and personal identity also often with same-sex sexual orientation is not consistent. Only those who have same-sex sexual orientation, and have a tendency to heterosexual sex, and have their own identity, like meet bisexual people, so as to choose same-sex and heterosexual sex partner is in the true sense of bisexual men and women. This definition will be temporary, alternative gay sex out of the policy of the view of civil law, both neither can widen the scope of bisexual, also give full consideration to the caused by sexual orientation is not easy to change and bisexual people demand for the other social life, and the resulting demands. This definition, also is not to say that don't consider that kind of attack, compulsive same-sex sexual assault, these actions should be included in the same category of the criminal and the other is in the nature of punishment method, but should not be included in the bisexual related such as reverse discrimination, gay marriage and gay relationships such as the category of law. In a word, this definition is based on sexual orientation and identity, focuses on the possibility of same-sex sexual partner selection and stability. Civil legal norms as starting point, which is beneficial to us in civil and determine the scope of the law against specific groups, thus in the specific legal policy, give full consideration to the characteristics of a specific group and helps to prevent the deviation in the process of legal development and implementation.