Bisexual men?

Maybe I have never studied gay what is or what is gay. As bisexual men, it is his world! Accompanied by a man, it can be called a gay, accompanied by a woman and can call heterosexual. Is god to our boys were unfair, or that man is born with such treatment, not only can do single topic selection, and choose; Can also do double subject, both have to.

Holidays, such as valentine's day, Christmas, birthday, etc., the man will cheat you say: "I'm sorry baby, I have to work overtime can't be with you, the next compensation." As a matter of fact, he was forced to accompany his girlfriend.

Each time, and he sent SMS, language as far as possible at home, can not be vague. Every time want to and his affectionate only when his girlfriend is not at home, can be in his house, when suddenly you don't know his girlfriend will come back. Even before his girlfriend back pack to leave, leave no trace of any crime, underwear, chicken curry, lubricating oil, will be his girlfriend grasp take the evidence he steal to eat. Sneaking around is oneself, aboveboard is others. In the man's house, hanging is his girlfriend, his carelessly left, is regarded as pests. Even if one day, things are exposured, his choice of not us these bisexual people.

It pays to be bisexual men, can stand in the opposite sex in the crowd, can also be active in the gay community. And that meet bisexual people, also don't know is lucky or bad luck. Bisexual men won't be too harsh, if the man is also have a girlfriend, pour a little guy like feel overwhelmed. One said: "if only I had a girlfriend, I will leave, don't contact you this group of lovely boys." So that really effective to deal with them the bisexual men's feelings?