Bisexual people and their partners

Bisexual people is refers to men and women who are interested in the physical or emotional. A person's sexual preference will be because of the change of time changed, they may be different in different time of gender preference, that is to say, bisexual people interested in a man and a woman in different time period is changing.

Some people from a young age to be aware of their other same-sex love, others found their sexual preferences in adolescence, and some men after a few years like the opposite sex only to find that their sexual orientation. These people at the beginning he found himself was a bisexual tendency, will feel uneasy and confused, they'll think of some way to exculpate himself looking for reasons, because society treat bisexual men and women is always there are alternative vision, but it's true. They find it hard to accept their sexual orientation, strongly denied to your feelings, and trying to conceal their sexual orientation, denial, fear, guilt and shame weighs heavy on his mind, affect his life, emotion and health.

For some bisexual women, couples are bisexual or gay men, it is not important for them, or a threat to them. But for other bisexual women, couples are bisexual or gay, it's very serious for them, on this matter. When they discovered or suspected their male partners with some other men go to bed, they feel threatened them enough already.

Many bisexual men and their female partners live a happy life, most of the bisexual men for men like pure feelings, does not need the actual sexual relationship. And some bisexual men both for male sexual needs, and are responsible for their female partners. Because bisexual men like women, some men cheat, is likely to be another woman for their wives, it may be more difficult than he and his men cheating acceptable. Cheating objects were men, can also be understood as addition to the relations between the two people, because a man can meet the needs of his only men can offer.