Bisexual people are normal people

Average person heard the Bisexual this term will be scoffed at, whether straight or gay community seems to be marginalized bisexual people. The mainest is bisexual people in choosing a homosexual or heterosexual inner worries will make partner, also some problem is how to satisfy their needs. Once there is a survey report says about seventy percent of people are bisexual men or women, and only about 1 to twenty percent of people are born gay or straight people. So there is no absolute, and bisexual also appear on yourself or the people around at any time. Gay community has often mentioned "heterosexual hegemony", comrade in the current social status not equal rights, in the most basic of gay and lesbian couples still no discussion of law and legislative, even same-sex couples out of the street by many way in people's discrimination, whispers behind our backs.

In the mainstream under the torrent of heterosexual films, one night stands behind the city is a miniature of the recorded the city people, work on the lonely, the city the way down, waiting for love. Finally under the feeling hurt rushes out their own a piece of day, reflects the era of women's liberation of women's rights. Watch the circle of bisexual in recent years has seen many changes. Bisexual women under the patriarchal world they not heterosexual love and care, coupled with the group of women have a higher request, the man also can't meet the requirements of these women,they want to meet bisexual people, and women more than men understand a woman's body and soul. Gradually, these people turn to bisexual women.

In life bring us to think about is how bisexual men and women find themselves in multiple relations, and how to face the society, in fact, proud to do what you have is enough. Have to mention is the author thinks that bisexual people are normal people, is an ordinary person.