Bisexual people can keep good relationship with their partner

People often only hear some people say he is bisexual, but can't see what's different. Many people think, a person feel attracted by gay, as long as once again with the opposite sex, so he must be a bisexual people. If denied this, surely because dare not face yourself bisexual orientation, afraid to face the true self. However, others think that most of the people's sexual orientation is not innate, but there is a certain variability. A heterosexual may also have so a few times with same-sex sexual contact, but that doesn't mean he is bisexual men or women. The same reason, the bisexual men and women may also be only had sexual contact with a gender. Actually, for bisexual, does not have a very clear boundaries, it is also because, at present the bisexual isn't really.

Although a lot of bisexual people know their sexual orientation, but they are more hidden in the straight and gay community. They chose not to come out, for their part, the ark also takes a lot of courage, to face a lot of pressure. They like to hide in the heterosexual, silently on some bi dating sites, secretly to date. They also like to meet bisexual people, so that they can and more bisexual friends share their mood. Compared to this part of bisexual people, has been out of bisexual, their all aspects of life are depressed, and those who have been out of the ark of bisexual people, life is more freedom.

There are a lot of people think that bisexuality is a loyal to the partner. Because the bisexual people attracted to men and women at the same time, so if they have two different sex partners at the same time, should be forgiven, it is their nature or their indulgence? For sexual orientation of different people, for their partner's loyalty is not the same. And bisexual people cheat probability is the highest, the reason, largely because of his bisexuality itself. Anyway, this can't blame them, it is human nature. And most bisexual can keep good relationship with their partner, when they want to go with other bisexual men and women date, will discuss with their partners, a partner's approval. And that is the case, there's a lot of people are clear about their partner's sexual orientation.