Bisexual people is the existence of a should be accepted

About the topic of bisexual, as the progress of The Times, and with the change of the concept, has become the public topic. Today saw a bisexual support and opposition between the survey post, opponents feel inside some of the comments too fierce, seems to be. Personally think that bisexual people is the existence of a should be accepted. Said, from the scientific basis for the world medical association has said sexual orientation in the early 20th century was the stuff of a natural, rather than psychological distortions, most bisexual is determined by genetic inheritance, can be said to be born.

Love heterosexual, homosexual, it all is love a man or a woman. For most bisexual people, their affection on a straight at the same time, also want to and gay, be together for life. This is not a psychopath, but they were born this way. Just think, in the long history, knowing that it is not accepted, will be accused of public opinion, will be severely punished, even there is no way like a heterosexual calm life, marriage and so on, why did they insist on such a tough road? So, if it is not the nature cannot be changed, how can not from the so-called "fate"? There are, of course, there must be so many people, and chose to do the so-called "normal", tell myself again and again with a heterosexual married and have children is justified. To the history must be floating many such a confused person.

Against the bisexual people think that once supported the bisexual, the world will have a lot of bisexual men and women. This idea does have a lot of contradictions, on the one hand, it reveals a message, or bisexual men and women are ubiquitous, once publicly support there will be a lot, which shows the existence of bisexual is reasonable. It is the human body is a kind of orientation, is natural, so it must is not reasonable. On the other hand, the so-called "support" is not equal to "encourage", "encouraging". Really bisexual born, supporting the bisexual just give them due recognition and respect. Heterosexual people don't love a gay for no reason. In fact, when bisexual people wandering between bisexual, because position is not enough firm, more easy to damage.

Of course, there is no denying that, some of bi is formed by the day after tomorrow. Their lives may appear for some reason, it may be that they often meet bisexual people, often go to some bisexual circles, they begin to love. Some people think that a lot of bisexual people is abnormal, dirty, I can only say that some people are abnormal, dirty, this "evil" exists in human nature, have such a "bad" in bisexual, heterosexual in also have such a "bad". In today's world is full of love hidden under the name of the other traumatic thing: for the sake of money to "love", in order to go to "love", and the like. In the face of the difficulties in reality to love a gay, that in itself at least with a love of courage.

Love heterosexual, gay, but is love, love a woman, a man after all is love. Emotion is difficult to control, also it is difficult to completely objective and rational treatment. This is the most beautiful thing in the world is love, love this world, love the family, love animals, love plants, love a man, love a woman. Life, can in the vast human sea to find a empathy, can let the soul to rely on people is a great blessing. I hope that everyone is comfortable at home, good life, whether heterosexual, bisexual, or gay, whether love heterosexual, gay, or single. If love, please love, from the heart, let the more loving be pure, more faithful, that is we should pursue.