Bisexual people is normal

Bisexual as a group are often ignored, usually, people by observing the partner to determine the characteristics of his human nature orientation. Because of this, many people simply put us in homosexual or heterosexual. Although bisexual people are neither gay nor straight, but are more likely to experience discrimination. Some people often questioned whether bisexual people really exist.

In all ages have bisexual people choose out, most of them are in more than ten to twenty years of age, but there are also some people wait to be older, to come out. As soon as you have been married, or have been living as a homosexual or heterosexual late in life, and the people around you can't understand the meaning of bisexual, want to announce his bisexuality identity even harder. No matter what age or the environment, you should like bisexual young people gain the support of the people around. Identity will not change because of the age, the importance of the sooner you accept yourself, the easier it is to avoid the pain due to hide their sexual orientation. It may be difficult, but we will gradually learn to how to tell people that we are the fact that bisexual men or women. Coming out is not a one-time deal, it can follow different relationships, the workplace and the change of the social group and differ somewhat, healthy appearance.

Bisexual people is normal, all living creatures (humans, animals and plants, fish, etc.) there are many kinds of state. In humans, we have different skin color, hair color, height, weight, left-handed and right-handed and intelligence, and so on. Society has to accept something slowly, so the existence of bisexual is also a natural thing.

Research shows that the formation of a human orientation is affected by the prenatal and postnatal factors. These effects (both in terms of genes, hormones, mood, nutrition and environmental perspective) are common in the process of the growth of a person plays a role, eventually shape a person's character, sexual orientation and gender. Each of us is unique, the world can not find a second person as we do.

Bi is not a state of mind, because you can't decide which kind of people attract), but a state of being (but also part of the real structure of human). Imitate the homosexual behavior or to participate in the activities of gay doesn't make you become a gay. Because we are bisexual men and women, because we can always choose to your behavior, but also continuously according to their own needs to change frequently, but sexual orientation is not people choose. State whether we accept it or not, there is a self-evident things, perhaps we could ignore it temporarily, but can't always choose to escape.