Bisexual People Meet

May be due to the contact person of all kinds, for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender collection) accept ability is better. Have to admit that, in the junior high school of time, for this topic is sensitive and taboo, taboo by default because don't know. But with the broad vision, also slowly realized that these should be treated fairly. We are all the same, just the number of differences.

Once some survey claims that most of us are bisexual people. This speech in a certain period has caused strong reaction in individual circles, though the investigation had been pointed out that in statistical error led to such results, but there is no denying that it is also starting to let people to face up to the existence of bisexual people, some related research gradually into our eyes.

Bisexuality exists, sexual orientation is different such differences did not let them become more cheating on loyalty. But they also hope to be accepted, and on the premise of this get the love they deserve. On the other hand, this also is greatly overturned I know originally, heterosexual largely are not of the period. This important idea has mentioned in Research indicates that bisexual people in the survey during the same period, the sexual orientation is swimming between gay and straight. In other places, I also see the biological basis of homosexuality has roughly. It seems like this relationship to the brain to acceptance of hormone in embryonic development. If in the process of receiving hormone stimulation, brain accept parts failure, may cause and physiological sex on the opposite sex to be reserved in the brain, thus formed the tendency of bisexual.

It reminds me of a high school class claims to be bisexual men. I don't quite understand him, so really bisexual man he is, or because he likes meet bisexual people. I heard a lot about their business,. Rumoured, readme, saw, classmates didn't, many, many. The same person, but because it is different, and become much worse. The pressure in the home, people view around you. Some still insisted to come forward, and some are reluctantly carried the white flag. While standing outside the circle of bisexual, oppose or support with more or less afraid. Not because they are harmful, but because do not understand, the fear of the unknown, or fear of become a minority. Bisexual people afraid of weak, but only a few people gathered and see the hope of equality, calls will be larger, equal really difficult. But we need to be equal, need more inclusive, to accept different things, complete this society, also complete yourself. Perhaps only in this way, most of the talent will confidently do yourself, even if one day become heterogeneous in the crowd, also not afraid get consistent rejection.