Bisexual people should protect yourself

The bisexual people due to the personal and social reasons, it's easy to have a health problem, bisexual women prone to mental and psychological problems, bisexual men are more prone to physical problems. According to reports, about 2% of sexually active men are bisexual, these people often on the bi dating sites. Although the risk for the bisexual men is higher than heterosexual men, but the same, bisexual men much lower risk of infection than gay. Both gay and bisexual people, should strengthen the protection of their health.

Bisexual men tend to have more sexual partners, including women, including man, and the person's sexual orientation is also each are not identical. For bisexual men, their partner's sexual orientation they do not care, can be heterosexual orientation, can also be bisexual orientation. They will also use sex toys, exchange of sexual partners and so on. All of these may increase the risk of bisexual men infection disease. Of course, this is also due to various factors.

Bisexual men and women are vulnerable to the misunderstanding of others, because a large proportion of people of bi don't know about this group. This also causes heterosexual and homosexual people discrimination against them. And the mass of bisexual people's indifference, even a large proportion of people have Biphobia, this for bisexual people, also is a serious blow.

In this social situation, bi should be treated more equal. At the same time, bi should also strengthen the ego to protect consciousness, especially the bisexual men. Often go to some bisexual activity and meet bisexual people, find more bisexual friends and so on, these, all is of great help for their own mental health. In addition, the bisexual men also should go to a hospital checking regularly, to protect their own health, know more knowledge about the bisexual, ego to protect consciousness.