Bisexual resource

Around sexual orientation, people have many myths and misunderstandings of bisexual people. For most people "gay," "lesbian," "straight" has a special magic power. These labels explains most of the people will be how to deal with relationship with others. But bisexual for most of the people and make people feel uncomfortable with uncertainty.

Ma strain state of the bisexual resource (, a non-profit organization, to make the following definition: a bisexual "feel sexual attraction and the potential of people of different gender to engage in sexual relations". Bisexual doesn't equal to attract men and women, their attention will change over time of different types of sexual partner.

A common myth about bisexual people is that they are at the same time and both men and women sexual contact. Bisexual, like any sexual tendencies, like someone does not mean that the sexual contact. "Bisexual people are going through a stage, they can't make their determination, they also can't form a monogamous families, because they can't be trusted.

Some claim themselves as lesbians have sex with men. Not loyal to the public is not their, their sexual identity is not determined by having sex with people what gender but some of the other things. A lot of married life is very happy man, frequently or occasionally other men have sex, but not define themselves as bisexual men.

Regardless of bisexual is inherited, or a conscious choice, or the result of socialization, or a combination of many factors, now there is no clear answer. A large part of the people in their potential energy of love with bisexual. Sexual orientation is human social growth by specific beliefs and prejudices, and to some extent, the result of the history of their own life.