Bisexual will be accepted by all the people

Bisexual as heterosexual, is normal, have normal character and intelligence. Moreover, bisexual with high iqs are more. Bisexual as long as you respect others, don't break the law, its existence has its necessity of existence.

Based on behaviorism psychology point of view, and between the normal psychology and abnormal psychology, or only the amount of different patterns of sex difference, and no different in nature. Dialectically, the line between the health psychology and abnormal psychology is relative and variable. Similarly, in many cases, between different sex mode it is possible to change.

What on earth are bisexual will happen? Different scholars have different explanation and evidence. Occurred from time to see, and bisexual people can tell SuZhiXing situation type two kinds big. Whatever the explanation, according to the observation of clinical psychologist, one thing is for sure, namely SuZhiXing tend to have a happy childhood, while situation type process have some kind of special interpersonal interaction relationship and behavior.

Bisexual people in modern society is no longer a strange word, historically, bisexual, though was negative and prohibited, but in many cases is also accepted. So, what is bi? Each scholar who from sexual psychology, sexual behavior and even the medicine, from sociology Angle put forward a variety of definitions, but didn't get a has yet to be fully recognized.

Bisexuality is various kinds of sexual deviation is a common, had existed since human history. Since the 20th century, the researchers of bisexual people made a lot of investigation and study, found in different historical stages of development and economic and cultural background of different countries and regions, all kinds of people surveyed have a percentage of bisexual people.

Anthropology of a large number of studies have shown that bi has nothing to do with the social moral level. Because has been found that in all sorts of social and cultural background (either banned or allow same-sex behavior), in all social strata, various professionals, have the existence of bisexual men and women. Bisexual phenomenon not only exists in modern humans, also exists in various stages of the country, the national history. Not only human, and closely related to human animals also have bisexual phenomenon.

My view is that bisexual people like us, we should be equally and should not be discriminated against, should not give them to the unnecessary stress. People with the idea of discrimination can only say that their level of education is not enough, bisexual sooner or later one day will be accepted by all the people, just a matter of time.