Now, homosexual, heterosexual and bisexual, is considered to be of sexual orientation at the same time, the phenomenon of the fault and there is no role. Sexual orientation is considered to be: "lasting for a particular gender members exist sex, feelings or the illusion of attraction. Bisexual people, therefore, refers to be attracted to men and women feel, either bisexual women or bisexual men, they have felt, for both sexes can even fall in love with the same two people of different gender.

Bisexual, however, belong to sexual orientation of only a few people, this leads to a lot of people psychological bisexual holding the discrimination. And at the same time with both sexes sex objects are contrary to the traditional society, when the rulers of the law and society reflects the majority of people or the will and intention, discrimination and persecution of bisexual people become inevitable. So, want to eliminate the discrimination against bisexual people, need to rely on universal education, to increase people's understanding of bisexual, in which both have emotional care, also should have a rational judgment. Bisexual people should also be identified, more exchanges with other bisexual friends, trying to get other heterosexual or homosexual discrimination no longer bisexual. There are a lot of people don't know how to meet bisexuals, in fact, there are a lot of bisexual dating sites is right choice, can through the network to find more friends, so also can be more understanding of bisexual.

Bi is a complex problem of human society, the resulting dispute is with the open of the society. From a single individual rights, or social ethics, or psychology, or laws of nature cannot be accurately defined bisexual behavior. This debate will exist for a long time. Actually have a mainstream conservative traits, and it is this conservative ways to protect the smooth development of the society, eliminate the impetuous and bad phenomenon in the process of human development. The existence of certain things has its inevitability, while we were still unable to determine right and wrong, the bisexual people cautious attitude and mutual respect is the right.