Different views of bisexual

Some error is defined as the bisexual, under the condition of normal life, from childhood began to same-sex and heterosexual two members continued sex tendency of infatuation, including the thoughts, feelings, and sexual behavior; To establish and maintain relationship with opposite sex members of the family.

This definition has three major defects. First, bisexual people in same-sex and heterosexual sexual desire ages, not only in childhood; Secondly, bisexual people of different gender individual sexual desire of psychology is often not synchronised; Thirdly, according to a survey, a large number of bisexual men and women can maintain good relationship with opposite sex marriage, life in the cultural background of promoting traditional marriage bisexual men and women. Bisexual people clear to homosexual and heterosexual sex tendency, can create the deep feelings of love. For their part, same-sex love the opposite sex and love are all natural. They tend to have been substantial younger sexual activities, both on gay, and to the opposite sex.

The bisexual position in human sexuality spectrum, academia controversial. Many scholars believe bisexual but from a transitional type between different sex and homosexuality, but others think it is independent of different sex and homosexuality a third form of sexual orientation. Existing theories about sexual orientation reflects the public to view state to the understanding between the popular opinion, existing research evidence, quite a part of people at the same time being interested in straight and gay sex and sexuality. Human sexuality is no gives enough attention to the bisexual, regardless of whether they are large straight or gay society, lack of knowledge about bisexual.

At present there are two opposing views on bisexual: some scholars believe that bisexuality is conflict and confusion caused by individual identity disorder problem; Some scholars argue that bi is the expression of the individual orientation flexibility, the phenomenon of the coexistence of different sex and homosexuality, successfully put the two opposing sexual orientation together, formed a kind of novel has the duality of sexual orientation. Bisexual people the number of proportion in the gay community remains uncertain. Because of the definition of fuzzy and is different, some people think that they only gay people in the small part, there are also people who believe in the so-called gay people most people should be classified as such.

It should be pointed out that the definition of bisexual people sometimes is very difficult. Because there are quite a number of people are different in different stages of life or the environment background, the feeling of sexual attraction may be some kind of "move" (for example, under the social pressure or after the doctor's "treatment", some people feel same-sex sexual gravity may be significantly weakened, so that he no longer considered himself as a gay people, and identified themselves as bisexual people or heterosexual people), for their sexual orientation of ego identity is often inconsistent with the concept of community (for example, the more feel same-sex sexual attraction, but also often feel heterosexual sex attraction, but to identify themselves as gay people, can also be used to identify themselves as bisexual people; some people often meet bisexual people, as well as to identify themselves as bisexual people, can also be used to identify themselves as heterosexual people).