Evolutionary path, bisexual

Everyone is a hermaphrodite, normal human bisexual people is perfect, normal heterosexual people paranoid incomplete is not sound, is imprisoned the other half of the heart. . Now is the age of a liberation of perfect human nature. Because a paranoia, though part of the human in the process of evolution breakthrough the bottleneck of the straight, but unfortunate paranoia to the other side again, to be gay. Both as bisexual people perfect humanity, and convenient than bisexual, because there is no consistency of Yin and Yang organs. So gay is actually on the ramp. So some people think that god punish them.

Gay straight single bisexual, exclusive of narrow. But beautified for specificity, bisexual several to criticism. This so-called fully occupied of greed, is very selfish commandeer, is false love, true love is not going to take a human kindness own proprietary don't share them with others, it is impossible to love a person only. The real bisexual is very great, they like to meet bisexual people.Is whether it is specific and bisexual. Bisexual may only love a heterosexual, homosexuality may be a few gay love. Whether can say that the former is single-minded, the latter not single-minded. An ophthalmologist will only look at the left eye disease, he thinks that the two eyes can see doctors don't fully. There will be a doctor agree with his point of view? Just like some people love to eat apples and pears, and did not eat fat. Some people only eat the apple, eat a big fat man. Obviously the latter chan.

Bisexual sex? Does not necessarily, if sex is to look at his sexual intercourse frequency rather than the number of sexual partners. Single bisexual twice a week, a bisexual once a week, the former is the sex. Data show that gay sex object number less than heterosexual, reason is less, the total number of gay behavior does not open. But higher than heterosexual intercourse frequency, so gay because sex life is short. Whether sex and love is what doesn't matter, and you have abstinence is directly related to. Abstinence love no matter what all can't lust, not abstinence whatever love is sex.

Whether sex specificity and have no connection within a limited himself in gender. Say bisexual several sex's just self-deception. Is a sign of ignorance. Bi is monopolized by selfish human false love towards the selfless love compassion the first step on the perfect love. Bisexual should marry with the opposite sex, with gay friends. As bisexual men, think the lowest is gay, upward, in turn, were heterosexual, bisexual.