Go out to meet bisexuals

Today again to listen to my bisexual explain what had happened to her friends, was sympathetic, and inspired me to write some own opinion of bisexual. Remember the first time to listen to other real friend patience about bisexuality was just a few years ago. May itself is a young man, I don't feel surprised at the time, then I open personalities, to accept new things, so has been not reject such group, is more of a curiosity.

Before I don't really know why would bisexual like a gay? Because of my past experience caused from a single gender to the transformation of the gender? But until I contact much with bisexual group , much more communication, can find it is not as complicated as you think, just other people's eye lights let it become complicated. They actually like all heterosexual, just some wider range, people like to both sexes. They also like on some bisexual dating sites, they will also go out to meet bisexuals, these are normal people like us, only the sexual orientation is different.

Do not know to have a lot of people feel the same with me, in fact, sometimes we like is not one person, but to the category of people they have the same quality. If following corollary, have the person of this kind of the same quality is probably the men could also be a woman. Just sometimes we don't dare to admit that we will have a wonderful feeling to gay, just as we bind the consciousness in the system of form we cannot have any love thoughts about gay. But bisexual people different, maybe they have inspired the inner potential consciousness, whether male or female, they can be very good.

So both heterosexual and homosexual or bisexual, are all the same love, everyone has the right to love, this is the most basic rights as a person. If the right will be denied, this society is too cruel. So shouldn't use colored glasses to see bisexual group, this kind of color glasses hurt a lot of people, simple things become very complicated. World is diverse, and respect for the right to love everyone, how pure love is how good, don't because of complex social defiled it.