How to meet bisexual friends

For why there are bisexual men and women, this problem has been debated for decades. The existence of bisexual, is a gay circles and society had not noticed has long been important issues. And in the ignore, also often have all kinds of wrong view, including "bisexual just one phase of the transition period, bisexual requires and two kinds of gender relations, every day browse some bi dating sites, bisexual swing, there won't be a good result, and so on. In fact, even now, the study of bisexual people still very few, this also led to a significant portion of people don't know, bisexual, don't even know the existence of bisexual. when the bisexual people meet, they would still be very happy. In addition, there are a lot of bisexual people, they do not understand, only know yourself interested in both sexes are, they don't know how to meet bisexual friends. These bisexual people often feel lonely because of lack of information, and even depression and negative ego.

First of all, bisexual people should self-identity, which is to understand and accept themselves, believe that no one will understand yourself more than parties, only the identity, can let the others agree. Identity and so on sexual orientation, others no way to define a person's sexual orientation, only identity their sexual orientation, only oneself has bisexual orientation, that can mean you are a bisexual people. Everyone has his own of bisexual interpretation and definition, there is no the same two people, however, there is no the same two bisexual people, so the bisexual, has a different view, the view is different. So, in the face of these different views, we should give respect, even if a person's identity is fuzzy and uncertainty, it is also very good, at least she is honest in the face of the present state. Believe that with the development of the society and the progress of science, the research of bisexual also will be more and more thorough, understanding of bisexual people also more and more.

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